Weight Loss Essential Oil Blends Jump Start Your Success

Have you looked to weight loss essential oil blends to give your lifestyle a jump start to your goals? Never in our wildest dreams did we connect oil blends to weight loss. Could it be the missing link to keeping our weight off? When we think of essential oil blends, we think of relaxation and stress-relief. Weight loss is not the usual go-to thought when you think of blends.

As most of us know, obesity, high blood pressure, cancer and Type II diabetes are on the rise. There are so many women looking for a way to lose weight, change their lifestyle and get healthy. The foods that are available are chocked full of chemicals and preservatives. Trying to change your lifestyle for a healthy diet and long term weight loss is a lifestyle change. It doesn’t happen over night and it means a real understanding of what you are eating.

A weight loss program based on low glycemic eating combined with weight loss essential oil blends can give you a motivational boost. Aromatherapy oils have been used for hundreds of years. Did you know that they can slow down hunger and send messages to your tummy? All that and they can make you feel happy at the same time. That is very powerful.

When it comes to our weight and our mental well-being, everything gets tied into together. We become one big emotional roller coaster because of how much we weigh. We eat because we feel loved and we eat because we don’t feel loved. Instead of thinking that food is fuel, we have an emotional connectivity to food. That’s where weight loss essential oils can play a real key. It’s not so much the food, but it’s the feelings and emotions connected to the food.

Food is connected to family gatherings, social events and childhood memories. Often it is the memory of a smell that triggers our eating binges. And the binge can occur because of emotions like depression or lack of self-esteem. The leptin hormone, which is supposed to tell us we are full, does not work. So by using weight loss essential oils, you can create a “weight loss aroma” that actually tells the brain we are full. You know that smells trigger your cravings, so it makes sense that smells can trigger you to not want to eat. Why? Because the nose and smells affect the hypothalamus and the brain sensors.

 Weight Loss Essential Oil to Jump Start Your Success

One of this biggest reasons our weight loss journey takes a detour is because of our emotions. Weight gain can cause all kinds of imbalances in the body. The emotional side not the physical side is where we usually start to fail. Start sniffing away because essential oils can really affect your brain.

Successful Weight Loss Begins With

  1. Eating a low glycemic diet.
  2. Get your sleep.
  3. Drink half your body weight in water.
  4. Use Weight Loss Essential Oil blends to curb your appetite.
  5. Choose foods from the outside of the grocery store.
  6. Forget the white stuff. Sugar, flour, rice.
  7. Eat your veggies.
  8. Learn how to decrease your stress
  9. Move. Walk. Exercise.
  10. Do something for you.

Weight Loss Essential Oil Blends can help suppress your appetite. Take a deep breath and send the message to your stomach that you are no longer hungry. It will also send a happy message to your brain.  This sense of well-being creates better self esteem and a #bellahealth(y) beautiful queen.

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