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Vegan Beauty Brand

When we think of a Vegan Beauty Brand, there are a lot of companies that come to mind. A lot of people will claim they are better at one thing or another but who knows? Sure one may have a lot of twitter followers or thousands of products. They could have stores all over the world but when it comes down to it, you want one thing. An affordable vegan makeup that works. Bella Reina is a Vegan Beauty Brand you should already have in your makeup repertoire. Located in Delray Beach Florida Bella Reina prides itself on handmade cruelty-free vegan makeup. We hope that you enjoy our story and learn to love our products as much as we do. We want to make sure that our products are good for more than just our look but also for the environment.

The founder of our Vegan Beauty Brands is Nancy Reagan. She was frustrated by not being able to find a cruelty-free makeup that was both affordable and all natural. So she did the next best thing, she made it herself. When you use unnatural makeups you are usually plagued with reddening skin, acne, and other beauty nightmares. Something that we can all agree that we certainly do not want. So Nancy began to figure out that she was going to have to make her makeups with the highest quality ingredients so she wouldn’t have top worry about any side effects. She eventually developed the recipes that would become her stunning red vegan lipstick, and her nail lacquer that would eventually become known worldwide and ever endorsed and worn by celebrities. The next step was to step away from other Vegan Beauty Brand another way. She developed packaging that was very chic and stylish so that when people saw her using it they would ask where she got it from. That obviously worked because now people cannot stop talking about seeing Bella Reina from everywhere from TV to the red carpet.

That was just the beginning for our Vegan Beauty Brand, and we hope never to have to tell you it ends! After many years of success we are proud to offer you the finest Vegan Makeup available. We are making and testing new products everyday and want you to enjoy them with us. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and twitter so you can see what we are doing and who is wearing us! When you try Bella Reina we hope that you wear it with pride and that you bring out you inner Bella Reina!

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