Non Surgical Remedies for Sweaty Hands and Feet

Sweaty hands and feet are no laughing matter. A fine Southern lady would say, “you perspire, you don’t sweat.” When your hands and feet are dripping wet, you are sweating. Okay?

You could say that is an understatement, but it affects your #bellahealth and your psyche. Not only are sweaty hands and feet embarrassing; but it gets worse when you are stressed. Figures! This condition known as hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating (perspiring). Now there is even surgery to fix it, but what are other ways to control it without the knife?

Sweating a little is great for you as it is the body’s way to get rid of toxins. Just like having a fever is good for your body’s immune system. But excess sweating is no fun.

Non-Surgical Remedies for Sweaty Hands and Feet

  •  Use Antiperspirants. Yes, you can use on your hands and feet too. Deodorants will not work. Watch out for the aluminum.
  • Try Stress-Reduction. Reducing your daily stress with exercise or relaxation exercises can help. Essential oil blends to help you relax will help the stimulation of your sweat. glands. Another essential oil, sage helps the function of glands and your metabolism. The Depression Relief Body Spray or the Essential Oil Blend will both assist with sweaty hands and feet naturally. Plus it makes you HAPPY!
  • Journal Your Food. Some people say that different foods will make their sweating worse. Does sugar or dairy or caffeine affect it? Write down in a journal all of the foods that you eat and drink. It will help you determine which foods or drinks affect you.
  • Use a Sweaty Foot Formula. Footlogix, a foot care product, has designed a product that actually reduces the sweating. Because of dermal infusion technology, the ingredients are absorbed into the soles of the feet (and hands). It uses oak bark and sage to reduce foot perspiration.
  • Medications. There are medications available that prevent the sweating completely, when all else fails. See your family physician or alternative medicine doctor to see if it is something that might work.

There are other medical options today for sweaty hands and feet. It’s not something you have to live with. Here’s to your #bellahealth.

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