Successful Women in Business: Nancy Reagan Honored by Palm Beach Woman

The goal was to pick successful women in business who empower women. What a special honor to be on the cover of Palm Beach Woman! It was almost a year in the making as Sarah Martin had a special vision for this summer’s magazine cover.

Sarah chose four successful women in business from Palm Beach County to showcase. The four included Nancy Reagan of Bella Reina Spa, Jessica Rosato of Nestler Poletto Sotheby International Realty, Michele Wright of CBS Channel 12 News, and Stefanie Wilson from the Seagate Hotel. Each woman has a common bond of empowering other women through the work that they do everyday.

Successful Women in Business – Nancy Reagan’s Views

Being in the spa and beauty business allows me (Nancy) the unique opportunity to empower any woman. As you work with women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds, one thing bonds women; that is our ability to make women feel more beautiful and more empowered.

As a chubby child, I struggled with self-esteem and body issues. Never one to shy away from adversity, I would starve myself thin to be in a bikini or fabulous dress. Not understanding until much later in life that beauty builds totally from within, I could never understand how some women were just born confidant. They were successful women in business and they had bravado.

What I learned is that your confidence and beauty comes from within. Yes…you can be gorgeous from the outside, but unless your heart is in the right place, you cannot empower others…and the beauty will be all yours (alone). Gorgeous is built from having others (women or men) empower you. Successful women in business always have a mentor. I had wonderful mentors that taught me how to praise others, empower a team, teach and always give back.

How does this translate to the spa business? We have women with acne that think they are ugly suddenly see their beauty with no acne. We have women who all kinds of inner turmoil that affects their daily lives. Relieving the stress of daily life ….maybe a warm neck wrapper, or a fun pedicure or simply a cup of green tea. Empowering women in the spa business is giving a woman inner beauty that translates to the outside. We want to give you an inner glow that is so powerful, you radiate the room! Successful women in business empower others to grow, radiate and pay it forward. #beautyfromwithin

To read the entire article from Palm Beach Women, Click Successful Women in Business_Nancy Reagan.

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