Spa Gifts That Make Stress Disappear (Magic Wand Please)

Searching for spa gifts that help stress disappear has become something of a obsession with me. We are all surrounded by stress, some more than others. But what I see in clients, is how different people cope with stress.

  • Some ignore it and internalize it. (pretend it will go away or numb it and then get sick)
  • Some embrace it and are challenged by it. (the more stress, the better they operate, until they collapse and get sick)
  • Some love stress, but manage it with the following spa gifts. (Here is the magic wand to dealing with stress)

You see, stress can be a great motivator, but if you don’t manage it, eventually you will burn out. That’s why having the right tools can help you deal with stress triggers on a daily basis. In fact, you can be so overloaded, you don’t even realize that you can get it all done. And then you do!

Spa Gifts That Magically Help You Manage Stress

  1. Herbal Neck Wrapper Pillow – no kidding, this has to be the number one ahh-ha “that takes the stress right out of my shoulders” gift. You can have a downright dog day and come home to a messy house. Just pop the neck wrapper in the microwave (only reason to own one) for 2:00 minutes (test yours). One of my favorite spa gifts of all time as it seriously reduces stress. The heat releases the 12 herbs and essential oils so that not only does the heat start to relax you, but so does the aromatherapy. The nice part is that the wrapper stays warm for almost an hour, just enough time to make your shoulders creep back into your body or you fall asleep. (whichever comes first)
  2. Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend – for those of us who love stress, but need “managed stress”, this essential oil blend does wonders. It’s great in the car, the office or the house. The blend of essential oils creates one of those magical spa gifts that actually keeps stress controlled. You can put a couple of drops on a tissue or scarf and keep it close (especially for those conference calls with the boss)
  3. Vegan Mineral Bronzer – okay, don’t laugh, because this spa gift is probably one of the best ever. Why? Because it gives you a healthy glow. No matter your age or your ethnicity, there is something about the glow that makes you feel better. It lifts up your spirits. Brush it over the cheeks, across the forehead and down the nose – look in the mirror. You didn’t go on vacation, but your face looks like you did! Instant stress relief!

If we could wave the magic wand and make stress go away instantly, then every day would be heavenly. But, we can only manage stress. We do know that if you don’t manage stress, it will make you sick. So, create your own little stress-free haven with spa gifts that keep relaxed and pampered!

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