Shopify Picks Bella Reina Spa To Celebrate 100,000 and Tweets us!

Imagine our surprise today when at Bella Reina Spa we received a letter from none other than the founder of Shopify!  We were thrilled to know that we are store number 88,843 using Shopify, but even more thrilled when they tweeted us out to their followers.

Here’s a copy of the email from Shopify founder Tobi.

We just crossed a major milestone – 100,000 businesses now use Shopify to power their stores.
I want to thank Bella Reina – Online Beauty & Health Shop for being store number 88,843 using Shopify.
You might not realize this, but the first Shopify store was my own. Almost a decade ago, I wanted to sell snowboards online. The options for shopping carts were either really expensive, or painfully complicated. Eventually this frustration was channeled into creating Shopify. We set out on a mission: to make ecommerce easier and more affordable, so that anyone could start their own online store.
In the years since, I’ve witnessed thousands of people accomplish life-long dreams of growing their own successful business, and nothing makes me happier. I love seeing all of the incredible things people do with our platform – whether it’s an online shop, at a physical retail store, or even just accepting payments using their mobile phone.
The trust that our merchants place in us is really humbling, and you can be sure that we will continue to work hard to make Shopify even better.
Thank you for being a part of the Shopify community.
Tobi Lütke  Founder, Shopify @Tobi

And a big thank you to you, Shopify.  We love working with you and your team.  You have made the labor part of creating our store so much easier.  Just to let you know, we worked with two other vendors before arriving at your website.  It is your humble leadership and attention to detail that will ensure that we will always be a part of the Shopify community.

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