How to Shop For The Best Beauty Products

Shopping for the best beauty products online is not easy. You read reviews and you learn about products from your friends. Then you always have your “favs” – the “go-to” shop or store that you can always depend on for a little shopping therapy.

Online shopping for beauty products is figuring out which cleanser is right for your skin or what color blush do you need. It’s not easy without advice. But where is that advice coming from. What is the education and the background? Here are some tips.

How to Shop for the Best Beauty Products

  • Buyer Be Bella Aware. We always educate our clients so that they will understand how to shop for a specific beauty product. Be aware of the ingredients and the quality of the product.
  • Read the Label. The higher the ingredient on the label is how the quality of products stands up. If a product says it has Vitamin A in the ingredient listing, you want it to be high on the label.
  • Type of Products and Ingredients. A serum can have a quality ingredient as a single ingredient or as a blend. A moisturizer or cream may not contain as much because it is moisturizing the skin versus providing a skin treatment.
  • Don’t Believe the Advertising. Just because it says on the label does not mean it is true. Just because it says it is low-fat doesn’t mean that it is actually low-fat. The fat has actually been reduced. The same goes for shopping for the best beauty products. Just because they say it helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, doesn’t mean that is true. Unless the product has peptides, vitamins, it cannot physically change the DNA of the skin. It can minimize the wrinkle, but it will not help reduce the wrinkle. The product must have the right ingredients to work.
  • Shop for Skin Care at a Skin Care Shop or Spa. How many times clients bring in products they bought at a nutrition store and tell me that they don’t work. It is just like anything, you don’t want to buy from someone who doesn’t have the expertise. This is how we started our website. We watched people who are clearly not knowledgeable selling products that are not right for that person’s skin conditions.

Shopping for the best beauty products for you is not so easy online. Ask questions, discuss your skin conditions and always get the #bellabeautysteal.

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