The Road To Perfect Skin

Everyone wants perfect skin. The lucky few that are born that way, receive the envy of those that were not. Why can that person eat that and never gain an ounce? It’s the same with the skin. Why can that person never wash their makeup off at night and have perfect skin. It’s not fair. Nope it’s not, but hey, bet you have something they don’t. Right now your skin may not be the way you want it to be, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make it better.

Dermatologists and estheticians have long been at a crossroad. Some believe that the esthetician is simply massaging the skin. The esthetician if properly trained understands the skin based on the texture, oil, hydration and color. All of these factor into perfect skin. The major role of the esthetician is not the treatment or the home care. The role of the esthetician is to determine the cause of skin problems or concerns. Why do you have acne, pigmentation, or dehydrated skin?

The Goal of Perfect Skin Home Care Products & Treatments

  • The goal is to  establish the cause of skin problems and concerns.If we don’t know why your skin is the way it is, it will be like taking medicine for the symptom and not the cause.
  • Second is to determine how the cause is affecting the skin functioning properly.
  • Determine the best treatments and products to repair the skin problem and give you perfect skin.

Let’s take the example of an acne client.

  1. Cause: What is causing the acne? What is happening in their life from a genetic, age, hormonal, nutrition, and lifestyle to cause the acne. What products are they using for their hair, skin and makeup? Do they have medical issues? Where do they work?
  2. Affect: How is the cause affecting the skin? Are they getting pustules or blackheads? What is happening to the skin because of the “Cause”?
  3. Treatment: Once the cause and affect is determined, the treatments and products are planned.

 How To Get Perfect Skin

The key to having it all is keeping it simple and understanding the basics above. It’s not one cleanser or toner or mask that will solve all of your skin problems. First you have to find the cause of the problem. Some of the basics for perfect skin include:

  1. Love your cleansers. Keep multiple on hand. If you are going to plunk down money for good skin care, make sure you invest in a great cleanser. In fact, having a couple of great cleansers is good. One gel cleanser and one  creamy cleanser. Watch out for the oil stripping, grease reducing cleansers that over strip the skin.
  2. Find an exfoliant. Find a scrub and use it 3-4 times per week. Make sure the beads are not too big and we are not a big fan polyethylene beads. For starters, it means you are scrubbing your face with plastic beads. Secondly, the beads are polluting the world. There are many other great things to scrub with that are a little more natural.
  3. Don’t Overdo It. You can overdo it by cleansing too much or scrubbing too much. Anything don’t to excess is not good. Cleansing your skin 10 times a day will not make your skin problems go away, it will only make them worse. Limit your cleansing to 2-3 times per day. If you go to the gym, pop some GoodWipes in your gym bag to give your face a once over. They are alcohol free and pH balanced.

More Suggestions

  1. Simple Routine. Keep your skin care routine very simple. Cleanser, Scrub/Mask, Moisturizer and Sunscreen. Any time you can get a product that doubles for both, it makes it easier for you in your daily routine. Don’t complicate it or let anyone else complicate it. If you have 15 different products, you can never determine what might be causing a problem.
  2. Skin Care Makeup. Want great skin, you have to shop for great makeup. Makeup that is good for the skin with botanical extracts, minerals and vitamins. Makeup stays on your skin for the entire day, so make sure it is good for your skin.

The road to perfect skin is paved with marketing, advertising, and lots of so-called skin experts. Be sure that you know what you are purchasing is right for your #bellaskin.

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