On National Ice Cream Day, Try Ice Cream with Agave

Just when you thought the summer holidays were over, along comes National Ice Cream Day. How cool is that! We’ve celebrated Memorial Day and July 4th which both involve cookouts, food, and great desserts. But nothing can prepare you for the anticipation and mouth watering experience of a day totally centered around ice cream. You think that ice cream really has very little to do with beauty, but it has everything to do with wellness.  Wellness is beauty.  If you are well, your skin is vibrant.

So what could possibly be wrong with ice cream? It’s not the ice cream, it’s the dairy milk and the sugar. Here is the skin news on these two ingredients.

Dairy milk and dairy creates havoc with the skin for many people. Some people don’t realize that they have slight allergies.  After stopping dairy, they discover that their skin looks much better. Client after client have thought that they didn’t have a problem.  When dairy was removed from their diet, their skin improved drastically.

Sugar causes an elevation in insulin and is really a toxin to the body. The body has a choice to recognize toxins or nutrients and there is nothing nutritional about sugar.  Yes, sweet tastes good, but the rise in insulin causes the body to store fat.  In addition the skin starts the glycation process when sugar is introduced, causing the body to age.

Healthy National Ice Cream Day Alternatives

So on National Ice Cream Day, what is a healthier alternative? Try ice cream made with almond milk or soy milk.

For the sweetness, try fruit or try agave. Agave is a fabulous sweetener. Agave looks so much like syrup that children will eat on banana pancakes and it is much better for the body. Why is agave so great?

  • Agave is sweeter than sugar- believe it or not.
  • It is made from a plant so it is a healthy alternative to processed sugar and sugar substitutes.
  • Agave is the lowest glycemic sweetener which means it doesn’t cause your body to store fat like sugar.
  • It is vegan and gluten-free.

Here is to you being #bellastrong, because you can only be your best when you have your health.

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