What is a Microneedling Facial and Why Should I Have One?

What is a Microneedling Facial?

It is a fabulous skin treatment that uses very, very tiny needles to penetrate the outer layers of the skin. This to the skin is an injury that causes the body to create more collagen in the treated area. The skin’s response is to plump, thicken and create new skin cells. This response over time can reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines, and even stretch marks. Not only are the results clinically proven, but it is also very visible. The clinical studies show the reduction of wrinkles, scarring (from burns, acne or surgery) and hyperpigmentation.

You should have one if you really want to keep your skin in great shape and have the collagen rebuild. After you have one or two, people think you have taken a vacation or had a restful weekend. (When in all reality, you have just been taken care of yourself!)

Microneedling Facial Treatments:

  • Help to build collagen
  • Smooth fine lines and may help fill in pitting or areas lacking elasticity
  • Smooth acne scars
  • Stimulate growth factors in the skin to produce new skin cells
  • Post care includes no aggressive products for 48 hours after treatment
  • SPF30 (mineral) or higher should be worn always


Microneedling facial treatments penetrate the epidermis and dermis causing growth factors in the skin to be stimulated. These growth factors are what we lose as we age, so the stimulation actually helps the skin to look more youthful.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Learn all about microneedling. The little pinpricks! #bellareina #facials” quote=”Tweet to tell the world about microneedling #itrocks #facials”]What does a microneedling facial feel like?

Clients describe the sensation of micro-needling similar to little pin pricks. The bony areas tend to be more sensitive, like the forehead. A topical numbing cream or gel is applied to decrease any discomfort.

This facial starts with a very clean and exfoliated face. Then a machine which has controlled depth of the needle penetrates the skin creating micro channels. The depth of the needle that your esthetician uses also determines the level of sensitivity. These micro-channels allow the peptides and serums used on the skin to absorb deeply into the cells.

Done monthly, the skin is brighter, tighter, and resilient. This skin treatment is recommended for all skin types, except very, very dehydrated skins or active acne.

How many Microneedling facial treatments will I need?

A series of 3-12 treatments is recommended depending on the area and condition being treated. For best results, many clients alternate microneedling with the Microcurrent Muscle Lift. Microneedling for the skin and tissue, while the microcurrent muscle lift focuses on facial toning and the underlying muscles.  When combined with microcurrent muscle lifting the treatment borders on “superwoman powers” to never age.


DAY 1-2 Erythema (redness) and mild swelling subsides.
DAY 3-7 Increased exfoliation and dryness.
1 WEEK Improvement in texture and tone.
3 WEEKS Improvement in pigmentation begins
4-6 WEEKS Improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, & scars begins

After the microneedling treatment, your skin will need to be “fed” serums and peptides that help it heal. One of our favorite serums is called Flawless Drops. It is chock full of ceramides and lipids to nourish the new skin and help with the growth cycle of the skin.

Microneedling facial treatments are the new darling of estheticians because the results are outstanding. For more information, call the spa at 561-404-7670 for a consultation or an appointment.

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