Makeup and Acne: The Continuing Battle

Makeup and Acne at Bella Reina Spa

Since the beginning of time, there’s been an on-going battle between makeup and acne. Why can’t they co-exist peacefully the way we’d like? Finding a solution for wearing makeup while treating acne is a huge concern for those suffering from acne. To find the answer, we have to dig deep into the makings of both, makeup and acne, and try to find common ground for the sake of good skincare.

What is Acne?

Acne is commonly perceived as a problem for teens. This misunderstanding couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Yes, many teens experience acne during their adolescent stages of life, however, many adults suffer from the same skin condition challenges. The first step in winning the battle between makeup and acne is taking inventory of the facts.

Fact #1– Acne is a long-term skin condition where pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and scarring are openly visible on the skin. This condition is primarily the result of oil and dead skin cells plugging hair follicles.

Fact #2 – According to the Mayo Clinic, there are over 3 million cases of acne reported in the US per year.

Fact #3 – Acne can be a long-term condition because of the slow healing nature of pimples and bumps.

Learn how to find the cause of your acne and how to get rid of it.  Now that we have the facts on acne, what’s the deal with makeup? Exactly why are makeup and acne at war? Here’s why, the most common defense a person takes to acne is makeup. Everyone’s looking for ways to cover up acne and hide the condition altogether. The presence of acne can place a tremendous emotional toll on our self-confidence level. If acne causes so much havoc and a simple makeup application can cover it up, what’s the big deal? Where does makeup go wrong?

Traditional Makeup and Acne

Traditional makeup goes wrong on SO many levels. For example, traditional makeup, like foundations, powder, and blush are packed with all types of preservatives and toxic chemicals that just aren’t safe for our skin. Imagine the current condition of the follicles in your skin plugged up with oil and dead skin cells. Now imagine the effect of piling toxic ingredients on top of those same follicles. You guessed it. No Bueno.

What if we told you there is a meeting place for makeup and acne. A place where the two can co-exist while conditions of acne are in their healing process? Such a place does exist with vegan makeup. Going green with your makeup routine helps your follicles breathe better. Unlike traditional makeup, vegan natural makeup isn’t filled with harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients.

In fact, quality vegan makeup uses ingredients that are good for your skin. Like our Bella Reina Liquid Mineral Foundation. It hides imperfections and smooths skin tones, but the best part is it’s free from preservatives, paraben, talc, and oils. If you’re going to win the war between makeup and acne you need a foundation and powder that can deliver. Our Bella Reina 7 Free Vegan Mineral Makeup Powder is the best pressed powder you’ll ever try, and that’s not because it’s ours. We created our vegan mineral makeup powder with love keeping it free any harsh chemicals. Just like our foundation it’s free from parabens, talc, fragrance, and oils. It’s also free from dyes, non-comedogenic, gluten-free and contains no bismuth oxychloride (try saying that ten times fast).

So hears the bottom line, the battle between makeup and acne will always be in full swing but you don’t have to be on the losing side. Discover how vegan makeup can work with challenging skin conditions while your acne is in it’s healing process. The battle between makeup and acne continues but you can emerge victorious, armed with a whole lot of willpower and a makeup bag of vegan cosmetics.

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