How To Make Your Nails Stronger After Gels & Acrylics

How to make your nails stronger after gels and acrylics is our #bellastrong topic of the day. Long a topic of many bloggers and magazines, there are many myths surrounding the topic. Not only will we touch on what works, but later in another post we will touch on the myths of growing nails.

What started this blog post was a wonderful, beautiful older woman came into the spa yesterday. She wanted her gel nails done. Lucky for her we could fit her in on a Saturday afternoon. Stacy Ann started wrapping her nails according to our CND® Shellac® protocol and removed after 10 minutes. Uh-oh, this is not Shellac®. It was a combination of gel and acrylic. The nail salon told her it was Shellac when in fact it wasn’t even gel.

To make the day even more interesting, 1 hour later, another client came in. She had her nails done in Ohio because she was on a business trip. They told her it was gel. It was gel alright, acrylic gel. Another 1 hour of removal and trying to nourish the nail plate.

GEL NAIL ALERT: If you do not see a bottle that is shaped like the Shellac® bottlefind another nail spa or salon. Now-how to make your nails stronger takes on a whole new meaning. How do we fix these nail disasters? The gel and acrylics have softened the nail plate. The drill has caused ridges and vertical splits. The whole process has caused the nails to thin. What works to repair this damage?

How To Make Your Nails Stronger After Gels & Acrylics?

  • Remove the gel and acrylic.  You will find more here on why gel damages the nails. Be careful with the removal not to peel the nail plate. This will further damage the nail. Many times drills have been used and this constant thinning of the nails damages the nails.  Remember that nails grow slowly.
  • Don’t soak your hands in acetone. When soaking off the acrylic or non-Shellac® gel, only put the acetone on your nail plate and not the whole hand.
  • Shorten Nails. This will be the part you hate, but shorten the nails as much as possible. Because the nails are weaker, from drilling and chemicals, the nail plate cannot withstand pressure. If the nail is shorter, you are less likely to rip or tear the damaged nail.
  • File Evenly. A proper manicure includes filing the nail properly and evenly. If you look at your hand and then turn it around the nails should be shaped evenly. Never angled nails or with sharp edges.
  • Pay Close Attention to Cuticles. The cuticles will be damaged from the dryness caused from the acrylic and gels. Treat cuticles daily with cuticle oil and never cut. Only cut the dead skin.
  • Opt for a Natural Manicure. If possible, opt for a natural manicure. This will give the nails time to have the nail plate regenerate with healthy nails.
  • Take Your Vitamins & Eat Well. Good nutrition and vitamins play a very important role in nail health.  Getting healthy nails fast is easy, but it will take time since your nails grow slowly.

How to make your nails stronger after gels and acrylics is really about paying attention to your nail plate and the length of your nail. When you have a choice, opt for natural nails or a gel manicure from a reputable brand.

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