It’s Genius! Biodroga Improves Skin Softness and Radiance.

Biodroga Skincare

Welcome, Biodroga Skin Care to Bella Reina Spa! It’s with amazing results and rigorous testing that our team of estheticians has approved this new skincare line.

Testing began in August 2016 for the skincare line to become a mainstay at Bella Reina Spa. Assisted by Jennifer Bley, master trainer and lead esthetician in the USA, the Biodroga Grande and Glow started slowly to achieve “stardom status”.

Over the months of testing, clients experienced various versions while the team worked to get the “recipe” perfected. Two areas of focus included creating a facial sensory experience for clients and a facial that excelled with results. One of the main reasons for choosing Biodroga is their rigorous scientific testing of ingredients by outside testing facilities. Each product is tested for improvement in wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation.

Background on Biodroga Skin Care

Biodroga Skin care was developed in the late 1950s in Baden-Baden, Germany. Baden-Baden is a “spa” town on the edge of the Black Forest in northwestern Germany. Its development marked the first time that skin conditions were addressed by specific products. Over the years, the line has been at the forefront of technology and ingredients. Working with European scientists and Nobel Peace Prize technology, the skincare line is famous for pushing the envelope on key ingredients and absorption into the skin. Biodroga Skin care products are formulated by experts in biochemistry, dermatology, and bio-engineering.

Biodroga Skin Care’s Philosophy:

The line contains a plant-based formula and provides innovative solutions for a wide range of different skin types, such as those with blemish-prone skin, and oxygen or moisture-deprived skin, among other skin conditions. Biodroga contains highly efficient, concentrated active ingredients, that produce real results, that are tailored to your skin type. Your complexion will be glowing, and you will see significant improvement in a short amount of time. You can book a consultation with our estheticians to find the products that best suit your skin type and skin concerns for optimal results.

Biodroga Skin Care products are only available in a very select group of spas in the U.S.A. Bella Reina Spa was approved as the second spa in Florida to offer the line, as well as our specialized Biodroga Skin Care Facial Treatments.

The two Biodroga Skin Care Facial Treatments are described as follows:


Consider this the double-up for all facial steps. Why do it once when doing it twice makes the skin even more plump and silky soft. Think more cleansing, more exfoliation, more masking, more treatment.

Bottom Line: Expect over-the-top plump, luminous skin.


If you are opting for a Standard Spa Facial and your skin needs a healthy glow, you might opt for the GLOW. Deeply hydrating, it leaves your skin youthful and totally refreshed.

Bottom Line: When you want to look your best, expect a healthy glow.

Biodroga Skin Care joins Environ Skin Care and SkinScript RX in providing clinical results-oriented skincare lines available only at the Bella Reina Spa. For more information on Biodroga facial treatments, call the spa at 561.404.7670.

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