How to Use a Face Primer

Face primer

Some women would rather not use face primer. They feel that it adds an extra step to the makeup process. While it is true that putting on the primer does take additional time, in this case, it is time well spent. A face primer adds a number of important benefits to your skin’s health. By leaving it out and not using any primer, these potential advantages are lost. So instead of choosing to go without primer, it’s a better idea to learn how to put it on well, so that it can do its job.

  1. Moisturizer First. There are some women who choose to put on face primer over their moisturizing product. There are also those who use the primer without applying moisturizer first. However, it’s ideal if the first step in the process is putting on moisturizer. This is because the primer offers the benefit of locking in the moisture. In a way, the primer acts as a protective layer that allows the moisturizer to perform its job longer. This is good for the health and look of your skin. The skin from benefits of having a good amount of moisture on your face.
  2. Apply Primer with a Brush. When it comes to applying the primer, the tool to use is a foundation brush. Brush the face primer on with strokes that go in a downward direction. Make sure that the areas under your eyes receive a sufficient amount of attention. Also, be sure to apply a sufficient amount on problem areas such as those parts of the face where the skin tone is uneven.  Consider also blemished areas.  Once this is done, you can proceed to other cosmetics, such as eyelid primer and concealer.

Benefits of Using a Face Primer

Smoother Skin. With the primer applied, you will notice that it helps to create a more even overall appearance. Your skin will look smoother. The primer helps to cover up any places with larger pores, and it also gives your skin a lovely glow. Another benefit of the primer is that, since it acts as a layer between the makeup and your skin, it helps to ensure that your makeup remains moist. This helps to avoid the situation where the makeup begins to look cracked and dry because the moisture was absorbed by the skin.

Makeup Stays on Longer. An additional benefit from face primer is that it gives makeup a layer to cling to. Because of this, your makeup will tend to stay on longer. So be sure to include this primer in your daily makeup regimen. You will appreciate how it improves your look, as well as the way it makes your skin feels better and healthier.