Researching Skin Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes?

Researching Skin Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes?

Raise your hand if you are already looking for healthy Thanksgiving recipes. My goal every year is to have a table of wide awake, tummy-happy friends and family. How do you do that?

By serving food that is low glycemic, skin-friendly and over the top yummy. Yes, you can never ever sacrifice flavor, especially on holiday like Thanksgiving. This holiday is so rife with traditions, fragrance, and food, that you can’t just toss them out the window with “zero” flavor!

That’s why we have departed from our normal spa articles to bring you skin healthy Thanksgiving recipes. Yes, what you eat shows in your skin.

If you can make it from November to January by eating low glycemic, your facial skin will not only be glowing, but you will not have gained an ounce! (not kidding)

Here is a Skin Friendly, Healthy Thanksgiving Menu with links to recipes that you may find super delicious. I especially look forward every year to the quinoa stuffing muffins!

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

  • Herb Roasted Turkey – This is a fabulous recipe and I actually have the whole turkey split and brine a couple of days before. This really brings out the flavor. The cooking time is less when you split, so you have more time with your guests!
  • Macadamia Nut Gravy – Yes, this is over the top fabulous with several substitutions. I sub Almond or Coconut Milk for the cream and the I use coconut flour for the regular flour. Sugar is never used in any of my recipes. I will always use either Dates or Agave for any sweetness.
  • Quinoa Stuffing Muffins – My all time favorite healthy Thanksgiving Recipe are these muffins, which call out substitutions. Sometimes I will saute the onions, celery and herbs before adding the quinoa. I love adding dried cranberries and nuts. Instead of a flat pan, I put them in small muffin pan. Your guests can go back for more and never miss the starch overload.
  • Spiced Haricot Verts (Green Beans) With Macadamia – Ok, possibly my favorite recipe (except maybe dessert). I can eat these for days and love them leftover (but there are never any)!
  • Vegan Ice Cream – If you haven’t heard the latest craze, it’s making your own N’ice Cream with recipes from Lina Saber. I first discovered her on Instagram and in two weeks her book entitled Radiant Plant Life will be out. Below is with peaches which works perfectly with the “orange” of Thanksgiving.

There you have my Skin Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes to get you started on your shopping list! What other traditional dishes do you want to re-make “healthy”?


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