Did Your Grandparent’s Give You Strong Skin?

Did your grandparents give you strong skin? Today we celebrate Grandparent’s Day 2014. Grandparents are the foundation of your family, your values, how your look, and the strength of your skin.

Generations of the family actually determine many skin characteristics. The genes, the DNA, and the type of skin you have comes from family history.

Thousands of years ago, people lived on different continents and the strength and color of the skin was based on their climate. As the world has gotten smaller, people have traveled and moved. Your skin today, which was created for a different climate, may not be strong enough for the climate you are in today.

Strong Skin or Not?

Our aestheticians, always evaluate the genetic history. This genetic history will tell us the strength and Fitzpatrick category of the skin. Both help to properly evaluate for facial rejuvenation treatments and proper home care.

  • The melanin in the skin which came directly from your grandparents, helps to protect you from the sun. So when an Irish and English girl moves to Florida, the melanin in her skin was not in her heritage. Her skin was “born” to live in a cooler, rainier, not-so-sunny climate. Thus, her grandparents did not give her the right color for the hot sunny Florida days. She needs more melanin in her skin and definitely will burn and has a high risk for skin cancer. This Irish/English person should never leave the house without sunscreen if she lives in Florida.
  • Strong skin was not only needed for protection from the sun, but also from the harshness of the climates. Where the climates were brutal in the winter with cold, freezing temperatures and dryness, the skin was strong with very few capillaries. The northern countries like Finland, Russia or Germany all have very strong skin, with very little redness. The skin was the protection from the weather elements. It kept you protected from the harshness of the climate.

As the world has gotten smaller, people have moved. So knowing the heritage of your grandparents helps you understand how and why you got the skin you are in. Strong skin is directly from your ancestors. Celebrate it! #bellastrong

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