How To Get Dewy Glowing Skin (You Know Celebrity Skin)

Glowing Skin at Bella Reina Spa

We’ve all seen them: those women whose vitality ooze out of every pore as they float down the street, exuding a dewy glow so convincing, they must be born with it… or were they? Turns out, they weren’t – and even better, anyone, yes even you and I can look like them.  The dewy skin effect is very difficult to fake, and that is the key to make sure you look ethereal and not a hot, sweaty mess.

There are a lot of ways to get your dew on. A matte finish always has its place in the world of beauty; on lips, it’s classic and gorgeous; on nails, it’s an unusual yet not too bizarre choice, but when it comes to skin, doing the matte thing can read as flat, dull and aging.  To some people, the elusive dewy skin we read about and naturally want more than just about anything seems impossible to achieve past age 15 without looking like a teenage wannabe.

You can’t just dust on some shimmer powder and hope for the best, because what’s really beautiful about dewy skin is that it is a natural glow that looks like it’s coming from within your complexion, not on top.  Various breakthroughs in skincare makeup and nutrition have made the dewy look not too hard to create. If your complexion wishlist involves descriptions like glowing, luminous and fresh, then here are some tips on how to achieve that look you have always wanted;

Tips on How to Get Dewy Glowing Skin

  • encourage your natural glow by smiling from within
  • exfoliate to get smooth
  • moisturize daily or often
  • apply foundation
  • illuminate
  • conceal under-eye circles
  • add a flush of color
  • try facial oil (like the Rose Argan Skin Oil)
  • drink green juice
  • work out more, try a pro pimping routine
  • even out your complexion with care
  • work with your skin type
  • highlight your best assets

Considering the aforementioned, you can’t just wrong; in fact, you will achieve the kind of perfect look you have always wanted for yourself.

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