Get Better Skin Care Results By Following 3 Simple Steps

Getting better skin care results is a combination of nutrition and great products. To have great results, you just need to understand a little about the body.  Can you guess the largest organ in the body?  If you guessed skin, you are right! Our skin is the body’s largest organ, yet there is still so much we don’t know about the skin. From preventing wrinkles to the benefits of facial massage, the skin reflects your overall health.   The things you can do to beautify your skin are remarkably similar to what you can do to strengthen your heart, control your weight, lift your mood and live longer and better.

Skin creams, like the Nancy Reagan Face & Neck Infusion Creme, have gotten more and more expensive lately and are now based on real science. Most people don’t know that their skin is already aging by their early twenties, and then they wait until they are over forty years old to use advanced, super strength products. The right time to start is now!

A 20 year old loses collagen in her face at the same rate as a 40 year old.   As we age, we lose bone mass, including the bones in our faces. Medical studies show that your face really shrinks as you age. Most doctors suggest taking calcium supplements to support facial structure and there have been positive outcomes.

Here are 3 Simple steps to follow for better skin:

  1. Don’t Touch: Our hands carry around billions of bacteria, little wonder why your make up brush gets dirty. This is why you’ve been advised not to put on makeup, use skin care product or even touch your face without thoroughly washing your hands.
  2. Smile: Ever heard of facial exercises? Our face has muscles and toned muscles will look better than flabby muscles. Smiling is a way of exercising those muscles, and is one of the reasons we are advised to smile more.
  3. Watch what you Eat: You should focus on your diet too; vitamins do a body good in more ways than one. Hormone related skin problems aren’t just for teens; your skin can get clearer when you are pregnant, but the hormonal flux of pregnancy can create a host of other skin issues such as melasma. So having the right diet can help curbs some of these unwanted excesses.


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