Eyebrow Waxing or Eyebrow Threading, Things You Must Consider

Are you trying to decide between eyebrow waxing or eyebrow threading? Eyebrow threading uses 100% cotton thread to remove unwanted hairs, a method originating in Asia. It’s difficult to determine where eyebrow waxing originated but it’s typically considered more of a Western than an Eastern method of removing hair. Let’s look at two popular methods for removing unwanted eyebrow hairs.

Here’s the Bright Side of Getting Your Eyebrows Threaded:

Optimal for Sensitive Skin

Threading involves minimal skin contact for pulling out the hairs. Here at Bella Reina Spa based in Delray Beach, we only use 100% cotton threads which prevent any infections from taking place, and there aren’t any hidden ingredients.

No Harsh Chemicals

When getting your brows waxed, go to a waxing salon exclusively. Otherwise, you are exposing your skin to harsh chemicals unnecessarily. Waxing removes a layer of dead skin cells, stripping them away leaves your underlying skin vulnerable to products that are floating around in the air. Eyebrow threading only removes the hairs.

More Time Efficient

Threading only requires threads. You don’t need to wait for the wax to heat up. You sit down, and the thread is sitting there, ready to thread your eyebrows.

Longer Effects

These long-term effects are more of personal experience. Some say it has a longer effect. I suggest you try both and determine what works best for you.

Less painful

Less pain is a personal experience and varies from person to person. Having read several reviews from different individuals, some say it’s less painful. Experience both eyebrow threading and waxing for yourself, then you can determine for sure which method is more suitable for you.


Threading is a more precise method for controlled removal of hairs. It allows you to shape your eyebrows and give you the definition you desire.


Here’s What You Need to Watch out for Before Getting Your Eyebrows Threaded:

No License

An eyebrow threading license doesn’t exist. There isn’t a sure way to guarantee the person who is threading your eyebrows knows what he/she is doing. The best you can do is find someone with experience and positive reviews. Of course, you may just need to experience this for yourself to determine who is an experienced threader.

Hairs May Break

There are so many reasons why you should make sure a salon has a license. A license doesn’t guarantee that this won’t happen but will reduce the likelihood of this happening. Your hairs break and the roots left behind, or worse yet, some roots are left behind while others aren’t, and your brows grow back in patchy and at different rates. How embarrassing!

Hair Growth

Before rethreading your eyebrows again, your hairs must be at least 1/16th of an inch. Eyebrow waxing has the same requirement, but this is something to be considered.


If it’s your first time, you don’t know what to expect and can be more painful as you’re acutely attentive to the pain. As your eyebrows are threaded more often, like with practice, you’ll become accustomed to it and probably won’t hurt as much.


Here’s the Skinny on Getting Your Eyebrows Waxed:

Pinched Skin

Eyebrow waxing required wax to be placed directly onto your skin and pulled off. There is no chance your skin will get pinched between the cotton threads like in the threading method.

Eyes Won’t Water

It doesn’t take much to make my eyes water; this depends on your pain tolerance. However, there are reviews where individuals claim their eyes water less.

Less Expensive

Depending on where you live, waxing may be cheaper compared to threading. Price ranges depend on your city and what’s more popular.


There is a license that aestheticians can obtain for waxing, proving that they have gone through extensive training and know what they’re doing. If you go to a waxing salon, it’s important to establish they have an updated waxing license, as these are required to renew roughly every two years. This law varies from state to state.

Removes Dead Skin Cells

Sometimes you can even see these skin cells on the wax upon close examination. Waxing removes dead skin cells that aren’t scrubbed off during your daily routine.


You Need to Consider These Things Before Waxing Your Brows:


If you have sensitive skin, you will want to check on what ingredients that are present in the wax before applying it to your skin. Parabens and fragrance are just a few things you want to watch out for, as they can leave your skin red and inflamed after your skin has come into contact with these. When the wax heats, your skin’s pores are open, leaving your body even more vulnerable and likely to absorb these toxins. Here at Bella Reina Spa, you don’t need to worry about our wax, as we use special wax for each part of your body.


Waxing will cause premature wrinkles when done improperly. Your eyelids and eye area have the most sensitive skin. You need to treat that skin very delicately and use a treatment that matches. Echoing what I wrote earlier, you need to use a licensed aesthetician at any waxing salon you use. You can relax and trust that they’ll do a good job since they are required to attend continuing education courses and have the experience to support their licenses.


Hot wax opens up the doors for a possible burn. Although this isn’t very likely and doesn’t happen often, there is a chance.


Eyebrow waxing or eyebrow threading, the choice is yours.

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