Eau de Toilette vs Eau de Parfum | Who Reigns Queen?

When it comes to Eau de Toilette vs Eau de Parfum, who reigns queen of fragrances and why? Choosing a fragrance in not only confusing to the nose, it can also be confusing to the purse. Here are some important points to consider when shopping for fragrances.

What is the Difference in the Types of Fragrances

  • Perfume.$$$$. The queen of fragrances, a perfume contains the actual extracts of the major perfume components. For example, if the perfume is floral, it might contain extracts of jasmine or geranium. It will last the longest of any fragrances because it has the highest concentration of extracts.
    • Application – Apply a drop directly to special pulse spots like behind your ears, to your wrists, or at the nape of your neck. The small opening of a perfume bottle lends itself to delicate application.
    • Size – Perfume comes in smaller sizes due to the expense of the fragrance and the unusual bottle designs.
    • Amount of Extracts -The target for extracts in perfume is between 25% – 40% which accounts for the length of time that the fragrance lasts.
    • Fragrance is Time-Released – The top note is released as a whole, while the middle (heart) and base notes release over time.
  • Eau de Parfum. $$$The princess in waiting to perfume, eau de perfume is not as concentrated as perfume. Eau de Parfum still contains extracts of the major components, but not in as high concentrations. It is also the first in line to come in a spray.
    • Application – Apply to wrists, spritz the neck on both sides and your hair. The spray allows you to be more generous with application, but be careful as you still have a nice concentration of extracts. You don’t want them to “smell” you coming.
    • Size – Eau de Parfum  is in larger sizes than perfume, but is smaller than Eau de Toilette.
    • Amount of Extracts – It contains between 15% and 20% extracts, which means it will also last for a long time.
    • Fragrance Release. With eau de parfum, the top note will release immediately, but fades away faster than perfume. The middle notes will become the more dominant fragrance until it settles in.
  • Eau de Toilette. $$. The duchess of fragrances actually shares the stage with “cologne” and is synonymous with the famed name. Not quite as long-lasting, you will understand below why there is ongoing discussion of Eau de Toilette vs Eau de Parfum.
    • Application – Spritz away as the bottle is still quite beautiful, but it will be larger and it will look like you are buying more. 
    • Size – Eau de Toilette is even larger than the princess of perfumes and the bottles are still quite exotic.
    • Amount of Extracts – It contains up to 10% extracts allowing the fragrance to be dominating for awhile.
    • Fragrance Release. The top note appears at application and disappears quickly. It can appear that you can like a fragrance at first and then as it settles in, you become a little less enchanted. The bottom note of the fragrance becomes more of a standout.
  • Eau de Cologne $. The countess of fragrances is the long lost royal that only reminds you of their famous relative. It is the bottom of the fragrance world, but ever so popular to the world. Partly because of the price and partly because you can spray often, eau de cologne is famous in the fragrance world.
    • Application – Apply liberally and often. For warmer climates, eau de colognes become a delightful after a bath or hot shower.
    • Size – Size matters and eau de cologne comes in a large bottle too.
    • Amount of Extracts – Eau de Cologne contains up to 7% extracts allowing you to apply liberally because it dissipates faster.
    • Fragrance Release – Eau de Cologne relies on the middle (heart) and bottom notes to carry the fragrance. The top note disappears in seconds but often delights the user.

Who Reigns? Eau de Toilette vs Eau de Parfum

So the infamous competition goes between the princess and the duchess and which will be your favorite? When you compare the two, here are some highlights.

  • Eau de Parfum contains higher extracts which makes it longer lasting yet heavier in nature.
  • If you like to spray generously, you may tend towards the Eau de Toilette as the fragrance is lighter and usually drifts away.
  • Another factor when considering your purchase is actually how the fragrance settles. Each note of the fragrance acts differently between the two types. Eau de Parfum will have the top note lasting for awhile. Whereas, the Eau de Toilette the top note disappears immediately. Then you have to decide how you like the middle (heart) notes and bottom notes.
  • As you get used to comparing the two different types of fragrances, you will see how the extracts react with your chemistry.  Your body with it’s own chemistry will tell you whether you like the smell or not.

As you are searching for yourself or a gift, make sure you look at the packaging. Perfume comes with a stopper and not usually with a spray. You will see “perfume name” followed by the real name for the type of fragrance. What you like and your budget will dictate whether you purchase the Eau de Toilette vs Eau de Parfum.  As Bella Reinas, we always want the best, but sometimes, just sometimes, we just want the bottle! Just saying! What is your favorite fragrance? What #bellabeautytips do have for shopping for fragrances

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