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When you email us or call us, it's not going to some big corporate office in the sky.
It's going to be seen by one of our trained spa concierges or beauty experts.
At Bella Reina we want you to experience awesome customer service, exactly the same way we'd like to be treated.

Bella Reina strives to provide you the best service possible...just like you were in the spa.

We are in the beauty and spa industry. There is so much information on YouTube, Google and Blogs, that we have to build our reputation on your trust.

This can only be achieved through great communication and experienced support – from real estheticians, and beauty experts.

At Bella Reina you always talk to a trained, certified beauty expert!

From basic questions to intricate skin conditions, we are here to help.

Phone: 855-360-3442
Email: info@BellaReinaSpa.com
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Beauty & Skin Care Support

From Real Beauty & Spa Experts
Address: 815 George Bush Blvd
Delray Beach, FL 33483 USA
Do you have questions about Skin Care, Makeup or Beauty?
Ask a Bella Reina Expert.
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