What To Do If You Have Cold Feet?

Do you have cold feet? And the following are not the foot problem that we are talking about.

We are talking about having feet that feel ice cold, sometimes even when you have socks on. Why are they always cold and what can you do about it? There are many causes for cold feet including:

  • poor circulation (hereditary)
  • injuries (broken bones, ankles, sprains)
  • diabetes (Type I or Type II)
  • vascular diseases (Numerous)
  • low thyroid and decreased metabolism (Slower the metabolism, the less energy the body has)
  • Temperatures outside (cold to actual frostbite)

Cold Feet Remedies

  1. Increase your circulation and blood flow by being active and pushing more oxygen into your system
  2. Use a Product like Footlogix Cold Feet Formula to Increase the Micro-Circulation of the feet
  3. Try Arnica as it helps with blood circulation in the skin
  4. Add Rosemary, a botanical extract that helps to improve circulation
  5. Wear socks or warm down booties
  6. Paraffin Foot Treatments that heat the extremities and increase circulation
  7. Go to a Vascular Doctor if none of the above works

As fall and winter are approaching, cold feet can be a real problem. The lack of oxygen and blood to the foot area or hand area causes them to be cold. Everything you do must increase the circulation to your outer limbs. Having #bellahealth is very important. Taking care of foot problems is even more critical. Your feet are your foundation and when they are cold or sore or cracked, your health becomes comprised. Plus having warm feet is like having a happy heart or a full belly. It’s just one of those things in life that puts a smile on your face.

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