Our Classically Trained European Beauty Expert – Rafira

Here is my interview with our Beauty Expert, Rafira.  Rafira is a classically trained esthetician and nail technician at Bella Reina Spa. She brings to us a wealth of knowledge! Check out my interview.

  1. Tell me about your training in Romania. You are classically trained? “Yes, I am classically and European trained. I received more training in Chicago at Georgette Klinger Spa. There I learned and became a beauty expert and I found that a facial is about the health of the skin. Good skin is not about the makeup, but about the body’s own health”, says Rafira.
  2. There are many successful Romanians in the spa business. Why is that? I believe that Europeans look at facials and skin health differently than in the U.S.A. The beauty business has been in Europe for a very long time. Cleopatra was the first beauty expert as she used to wax herself! I think some of us are just born loving the beauty business. In the early 1990s many famous people visited Romania to get treatments to stop the aging process. It was a big deal and facials were very popular. At the time, the jet-set was drawn to our little country. Famous people like Marlene Dietrich, Kirk Douglas, and Salvador Dali.
  3. You are a nail tech and also an esthetician, but I do know that you love to wax. What is your favorite treatment and why?  I love it all, mostly I think because I love people. I do love waxing, especially soft wax.
  4. What is your favorite skin type to work with? As a beauty expert, I work with all types of skin, but I love working with clients to prevent premature aging.  Stopping skin aging in the early 30’s – these are the clients I love to work with. It’s actually really simple for clients. They need to use proper skin care at home and have at least once per month facials.
  5. What is your favorite pedicure? I tend to be more focused towards the health of the feet, so I really like the Callus Pedicure, more medical pedicures.

Thank you for your interview Rafira, our Bella Reina beauty expert for facials, waxing, and pedicures!

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