Can An Essential Oil Blend For Headaches Really Work?

essential oil blend for headaches

Can an essential oil blend for headaches really work? Yes, essential oil blends can take you on an aromatherapy journey. However, the best part about aromatherapy is that it can actually make a physical change to your body. The body is very complex and the ability of your nose to help your body feel better is quite fabulous. Basically, the nose inhales the essential oil blends or the skin absorbs the oils. Either way, from that point forward, the body begins to utilize the distilled flowers, trees, and herbs to essentially fix the problem.

For example, if you are prone to headaches, there is an essential oil blend designed just for headaches. The aromatherapist starts with the basics to create the blend.  In this case, the four essential oils are lavender, birch, peppermint and cardamon. Now it’s great that you have these oils, but knowing the correct blend is essential to actually fix a problem. This is what separates an okay aromatherapist from a great aromatherapist. The great ones have studied every detail of every oil, including the actual physical properties, the health benefits, and the distillation process. They also know the exact blend which will fix the problem–in this case headaches.

The Essential Oil Blend for Headaches

  • Lavender – Helps to relax the muscles. This is thought to cramp up or tighten up when you have headaches.
  • Birch – Is a natural pain reliever and acts like an analgesic
  • Peppermint – Is a remarkable oil in that it acts to shrink the expanded blood vessels that cause the pressure and the headache.  Peppermint also acts to cool the inflamed area and allows the pressure to lessen.
  • Cardamon – is related to the ginger family. A very yummy in food, it is also known for helping the blood to not stick together

Using an essential oil blend for headaches is really easy.  Just apply to the areas that send blood to the head. Rubbing on the temples or rubbing on the neck area are both prime areas for helping with the relief of headaches. #bellahealth

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