The Benefits of Copper in Skin Care

The skincare benefits of copper are numerous. It has been used since the ancient times of Nefertiti, but it wasn’t until recently that we understood the great effects it has on the skin. You may turn green from the copper is only a myth, but that would be funny. Read on for the real benefits.

Benefits of Copper in Skin Care

  • Stimulates Collagen & Elastin – Copper places a great role in the stimulation of collagen and elastin. In a nutshell, it acts as an energizer bunny to the cell. It gives it energy and has anti-inflammatory properties. The energy from the copper forces the cells to get to work (kicked off the couch) rebuilding collagen and elastin.
  • Copper Helps Heal Tissues – It can also heal the tissues of the skin. Alone copper is great, but it works better with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamins E. All of these vitamins are nutrients to replenish the cells, especially to the skin that is exposed to the sun, which is why we recommend adding GHK Cu to your collection of skin care products.
  • Copper Helps with Skin Tightening – As we age, we begin to lose skin firmness creating fine lines and copper is there to help with that. The anti-aging effect is helpful to the elasticity so that fine lines and wrinkles do not form and helps with the appearance of fine lines that may have already formed.
  • Copper Helps with Pigmentation – The benefit of copper in skincare helping with pigmentation was not well known until several years ago. Where it really plays a part, is when there are copper deficiencies.

Copper to Aid in Age Fighting 

One of our biggest frustrations that come with aging is the loss of firmness we get under the eyes, around the mouth, and around the jaw and neck. This is where copper becomes the hero as it can help revitalize the appearance of wrinkles.

One of the many ways that copper comes to the rescue to aid with the appearance of aging is through beauty products with copper peptides – peptides are essential to the body’s overall health and copper is filled with them making it one of the real MVPs of skin care.

Not only is copper filled with peptides helping the skin fight aging (reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles), but it also helps activate antioxidants that protect the skin from environmental irritants. Firmer skin is one of the many results of adding copper to your beauty & skincare routine. Studies show that as copper peptides increase your collagen production, they also boost elastin production – a.k.a collagen and elastin go hand in hand. But copper doesn’t only aid in bosting collagen and elastin production, it also helps to remove damaged collagen and elastin from the skin.

Lastly, copper (when applied topically), helps the skin appear plumper by aiding in hydration, which is another reason for the skin to lose firmness, making it vital to your skin care routine. The improvement in skin texture, skin elasticity, and overall skin condition that you will see is outstanding! 

Copper for Wound Healing

Copper is not only used in regular beauty and skin care routines; copper has also shown to be very effective in wound healing among its’ many benefits. How exactly does it work? Glad you asked! Where there is tissue injury, the body naturally produces peptides to assist the healing process. What the copper peptide does, is it works with your body’s peptides to act as a protective barrier and an anti-inflammatory agent for the injured tissue. Using copper as part of the healing process helps the body signal tissue remodeling, which in turn removes that scarred tissue and helps the production of new and healthy tissue.

Using copper peptide as during the healing process may also aid in healing the wound faster and better – with less scarring. As mentioned previously, GHK Cu has anti-inflammatory properties, which help the wound healing process be quicker and more effective.

Wound healing can be tricky and at times confusing but as we search for the best skin care products for every need, we must always make sure to include great products for wound healing in our bag of tricks, copper being the first one to be added to the first aid kit.

Normalizing Bacterial Concentration

Not many people realize that bacteria and acne are directly related. Think putting your dirty, bacteria-ridden cellphone up to your face after being out and about and waking up with a zit right where your phone’s screen hits your delicate skin.

Copper has been very effective in normalizing the bacterial concentration on the skin. When copper is used topically it has shown to stimulate the body to heal itself. While copper helps normalize the bacterial concentration of the skin and stimulates the body to heal itself, it also nourishes the skin and supercharges its defenses. But, copper peptides don’t only aid with acne breakouts, they continue to help the skin post-breakout by evening skin tone to avoid unwanted acne scars and dark spots.

While not many know about the acne-clearing properties of copper, it is a great addition to your beauty cabinet and one that you should always keep at hand for those pesky breakouts.

Pigmentation and Copper

First things first, what is pigmentation? In short, pigmentation is the color of your skin is due to the presence of a pigment called melanin, which is produced by special cells. When these cells are damaged or become unhealthy, the production of melanin is affected. There are two types of pigmentation issues that your skin may present: hyper-pigmentation, which is when there is an increase in melanin production (skin becomes darker), and hypo-pigmentation, which is where there is not enough production of melanin (skin becomes lighter). Here, we’re focusing on hyperpigmentation.

There are many causes for hyperpigmentation on the skin ranging from something as simple as overexposing your body to the sun to something more complicated as underlying health conditions, which is why we always encourage you to check with a medical professional first.

But, how does copper help with these effects of melanin on the body? Studies show that using copper topically on hyperpigmentation spots on your skin can visibly reduce these dark spots. For dark spots on your facial skin, you can add copper to your skincare regimen by including a moisturizing facial cream that contains copper as one of its’ active ingredients.

How to Use Copper in Skin Care

The correct application of a product with Copper is extremely important and should be done after the skin is exfoliated. The removal of the top layer allows the cells below to absorb easier. It absorbs more readily into the skin giving the cells a burst of energy to create healthier skin cells.

The positive effects of using copper peptides in skin care are many but one of the main ones is that it works and plays well with vitamins. Alone it is a great ingredient, but combined with other skincare ingredients and products gives you the punch and power to zap away aging cells to create new, healthy skin cells.

The benefits of copper in skincare are well documented by science and research. Copper is one of the minerals that we really don’t think about needing, but it can really transform your skin for a #bellaTGIF

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