Behind the Scenes: Creation of a Facial in a Box

From numerous social media pros and blogs on blogging, they (the people that know) tell us to get real and show the ins and outs of creating products. Let’s start with our fabulous (we think it is), Bella Reina Spa Perfect Facial in a Box.

The Idea

The process started in November 2013 when we started testing gold collagen masks. We have used gold collagen masks for professional facial treatments since 1999. Having them available for an at-home treatment was not an option due to the outrageous expense of the masks. We searched, sampled, questioned and researched. Each of the samples was tested and then graded. We looked for thickness of mask, raw ingredients, serum infusion into the mask and occlusive compression. The mask had to make a dramatic difference in the skin after one (1) use. We call it the WOW factor. If it will not WOW us (our team of estheticians and test clients) then it will not WOW you either.

One client, Laura, is probably the queen of gold collagen masks. She has a facial every 2 weeks with a gold collagen face and neck mask ultrasound penetrated into her skin. We made sure to test every new mask on her, because she knows her skin. After one of her facials, she came out and said, “This is it, you found it.”

Once we had agreed on the formula for the mask serum and infusion, it was time to negotiate production and price. Did we want the brand to be Bella Reina or Nancy Reagan? The team felt that Nancy Reagan was better because skincare is my passion, love, and my specialty. Me, it didn’t really matter as long as the products are the best. Through packaging and design, the mask headed to production. We were supposed to receive the production samples in May, but it was pushed back until June.

Behind the Scenes to Create the Facial in a Box

But how did this end up being a Facial in a Box? In June, my best friend, Nilsa, contacted me about an upcoming event which she was chairing. It would be at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach and there would be 700 women in attendance. In her determined way (she always gets what she wants), inquired if we would be interested in providing the take-away gift for each woman. Oh my, this would be a huge undertaking, but I thought we could make an impact.

I went back to the team. We discussed the financial costs, and what it would entail. At first, we were simply putting our gorgeous 24K Gold Collagen Facial Mask in a pretty box. But as we talked and worked through the process, the bells went off in my head. Could a woman from Wyoming or South Dakota get great results if she used the mask alone? The answer is yes, but not the absolute best results. And we wanted the absolute best.

Sitting with the team, we realized that unless a woman’s skin is prepared properly, the mask will work, but not as well. So what makes it work the best? If the skin is properly cleansed and exfoliated—just as if you were having a facial by an esthetician. Thus was born, the Bella Reina Spa Perfect Facial in a Box. In order to make the 24K Gold Collagen Mask work, we needed to provide the “supporting cast of characters”. Now the idea was taking shape.facial in a box

The Results

The box started off in our heads as hot pink to match our website. But it just seemed a little too bright and too bold for what was inside. The design phase started with all of the details from tissue, to labels, to pink containers and bags. Every item had to be purchased, manufactured or created. Along the way, we had purchased a label printer. My husband became the expert in label manufacturing and good friends with tech support in order to properly align little round labels. The under the breath mutters were mastered as he wanted to know if the labels really had to be centered.

The design was finalized in July and approved for manufacturing. The easy part was ordering the hot pink organza bags. Our skin care manufacturer thought we were nuts and couldn’t seem to count. How many? Weekly meetings tracked our progress as we checked off the lists of items received. Last week we were ready for assembly. Now, this is not what you think of when you think “assembly of a facial in a box”. With all of the care and love in the world, our team assembled to put everything together.

facial in a boxThe boxes are stacked sky high at my house, ready for the input of all of the parts. The final product is ready to be put together with tissue, labels and Velcro dots.  Large wardrobe boxes hold the completed boxes as they ready for the big event on November 12th. Oh I forgot to tell you, it is to benefit the Bethesda Hospital Foundation.

So if you were wondering what we do for behind the scenes….this is it. We are a very small women-run company with big dreams. Women can make a difference and now we know that if you live in Wyoming or South Dakota, your Facial in a Box will be just as good (minus the massage) as if you had been to a spa for a facial. Enjoy!


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