Journey Back to the 80’s Makeup Tips & Tricks

Can’t miss this chance to prepare you for 80’s makeup tips and tricks! Halloween is right around the corner and you have been thinking of great costumes. Nothing is more fun than retro.

Now, the hair is very important to an 80’s look. You have to decide that first as it really dictates the makeup. Will your hair be mullet styled, straight or permed? All of these lend themselves to totally different makeup looks.

80’s Makeup Tips & Tricks

  • Apply Face Primer. Primer allows your makeup to last longer and fills in your pores for smoother looking skin.
  • Apply Foundation with a heavy hand. Nothing was au naturel in the 80’s. It was big or go home. Think Dynasty, the TV show that dominated the 1980’s. Think big and bold.
  • Blush it up Big. Blush it so that you notice. Joan Collins from the Dynasty era always had cheeks that seemed to match what she was wearing. When she had on red, her blush was red. You want the blush to be very noticeable.  Apply to the apples of the cheeks and blend upwards. Linda Evans had a more natural 80’s makeup look and her blush was softer. Choose your look.
  • Big Eyes With Big Eyeliner. The eyes will give you an opportunity to go all out. First, there is liner on the bottom that goes halfway over.  The upper lid is lined extremely heavy. You may want to line first, put on the shadow and line again. This is where the Bella Reina Liquid Liner that is waterproof is a must have tool. The felt tip gives you total control over the liner.

More Tips & Tricks

  • Think Eye Color. Any color will do, but you have the opportunity to complete the look with tons of color. If you are looking for a more sophisticated look, you may tend towards the greys and dark blues of the 80’s. If you are headed towards the mullet, you will have a choice of greens, blues and purples. Big and bold eye shadow. Be creative and throw in glitter. This is not the time to be thinking matte. It’s metallic, frost, and lots of eye makeup.
  • Lips a Little Softer. Because the eyes were so dramatic for the 80’s makeup, the lips tended to be a little softer in color. Most lips were almost your same lip color. But if you are looking at Joan Collins, than you know red was her color.
  • Other Ideas

Have fun on your journey mastering the 80’s makeup looks. Send us pictures and leave us your tips. Don’t forget your big HAIR with your #bellaglam look!

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