3 Great Gifts for Administrative Day (To Reduce Workplace Stress)

Administrative Day

This week is devoted to gifts for Administrative Day. Wednesday is supposed to be the big celebration. But the whole week is about appreciation for your right hand secretary, assistant, or whatever you may call them.

They are that one person you cannot live without. How can you possibly thank them enough? Can you show them how much you appreciate what they do for you all year long?

Selecting the perfect gifts for administrative day means that you want to show your “right hand” man or woman that you love what they do for you. Do they keep your office running like a clock? Are they the first person to make sure that you are ready for “that meeting”?

In a prior post, I noted that this holiday used to be know as “secretary’s day”, but today this person is more than simply someone who answers the phone. So here are some ideas.

Gifts for Administrative DayAdministrative Day

  • 12 Herbal Flaxseed Neck Wrapper Pillow– Now this gift is perfect, because if they are like any of us….they are typing at a computer all day. You can pop the wrapper into the microwave for 2-3 minutes and then when it goes around the neck….it’s pure relaxation!  We call it the neck wrapper ah-ha moment.
  • Energy Room or Body Spray – This is one of those gifts for administrative day that might be a little self-serving on the bosses part, but at the same time….you do need an alert team! Spritz this around the office and watch the alertness increase. The essential oils help to not only pep up the energy, but helps with concentration and memory.
  • Bodipure Keratin Gloves – Don’t give just one pair of gloves, but give your team 4 – that is one per week for a month. Why you ask, should they get keratin gloves? Every day their hands and nails are in paper and paper is very, very drying to the cuticles and the hands.

P.S. Don’t ask them to buy their own gifts! And if all else fails, just call the spa at 561-404-7670 and one of our spa concierges can assist you.

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