5 Causes of Under Eye Puffiness & Ways To Make Them Disappear

Woman with under eye puffiness

Under eye puffiness, puffy eyes, under eye “bags”, swollen eyes, or deep bluish circles under the eyes are simply not a good look.  Our face corresponds directly to the health of our bodies and can reveal imbalances or health concerns.  Focusing on the under eye area means that we are discussing your kidneys.  The area under the eyes is directly related to your kidneys.

Does your under eye area have:

  • Bags that could be due to water retention
  • Under eye area that is swollen
  • Black or Brown in color
  • Bluish color

5 Causes of Under Eye Puffiness & Ways to Make Them Disappear

  1. Dehydration – Drink more water.
  2. Too much coffee – 2 cups a day should be the maximum.  Change your habits & save your kidneys & your under eye puffiness.
  3. Lack of Sleep – Everyone is different, but don’t gyp your sleep.  If you need 8 hours, get it.
  4. Overwork & Worrying – Nothing was every solved in the future by too much work or worrying about it.  Breathe.
  5. Drinking too much (or any) soda, sugar waters, juices, sports drinks – The loss of minerals and vitamins in the body due to the intake of the “garbage” drinks is overwhelming to the kidneys.

The best way to reduce the under eye blue and puffiness is to take care of your kidneys.  When all else fails, you must conceal.  Check out our Concealer • Foundation Pen with arnica, vitamins and minerals. Our pen is unique because it has a brush with the pen.  It also fits into a category that we call Treatment Makeup.  Treatment Makeup is a product that helps to “fix” the problem while performing another “duty”. Check it out.