3 Do-It-Yourself DIY Facial Masks

You may scoff at the idea of a DIY facial mask at home. From a simple skincare routine, it’s a must if you want great skin. Many people think that a mask serves no purpose and that the results of masking are temporary. That is not true. Using a facial mask is a very important part of your weekly skincare routine. Why are facial masks so important?

  • By using a DIY facial mask, you are covering up the pores of the skin. When you cover the pores, the skin has a physiological response to push off the mask.  This response forces the brain to send down messages via the lymphatic system to push off the mask. This effect causes the skin to push out impurities and toxins.
  • At the same time that the mask is blocking the skin, the type of facial mask will perform an action. If it is a hydrating mask, like the collagen facial mask, it will hydrate the skin. If it is a clay mask, like Image Skincare’s Ageless Resurfacing Mask, it will absorb oils.
  • The results of the mask may be hours or days, depending on how well the mask worked and if the skin is exfoliated.

Several DIY facial masks are available on the market and some are actually used in spas for professional treatments. Each mask has benefits and usage recommendations, that make them work best.

3 Do It Yourself – DIY Facial Masks

  1. Image Skincare Ageless Resurfacing Mask – This is a simple do it yourself mask that acts as an exfoliate and a mask.  It has very large beads that help to exfoliate while the mask is clay.  This mask is for oilier skins and those that need a good exfoliation. It contains glycolic and salicylic acid so your skin will feel a little tingly after you use it.
  2. Nancy Reagan 24K Collagen Face Mask – This mask is hydrating and rich in collagen, hyaluronic acid, and Vitamins A & E to help with firmness, hydration, and elasticity in the skin.  This mask is for anyone that wants to hydrate, plump or moisturize their skin while forcing the skin to rebuild collagen. This mask is used in many spas and was until recently, only for professional use. It is a one-time use, but well worth the investment, because of the results.
  3. Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask with Red Clays – This mask has a lot going on, with the red clays, but they are known to help pull oils from the skin.  This matte appearance eliminates toxins, just like the Image mask, while softening the skin. The Sisley mask is created in Paris and designed to be deep cleansing. Using DIY facial masks at home is a must for great #bellaskin.  Every skin type and condition has a mask that goes with that condition. Choose your mask based on your skin needs and be faithful to using it 3 times a week.

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