3 Ways to Use Aromatherapy with Essential Oil Blends

There are many ways to use aromatherapy, especially relaxing essential oil blends.  Healers from all traditions are using therapeutic essential oil blends to heal. Most aromatherapy in use today is simply as a nice “smell” or “aroma”. Sometimes we forget the powerful of essential oils. The fact that they are therapeutic means that they are actually providing a benefit or result.

Three (3) Ways to Use Aromatherapy with Essential Oil Blends

  •  – The intake of relaxing essential oil blends through the nose is the easiest and most pleasant way to use them.   Turn on a diffusing device, which disperses essential oil blends into the air, and breathe!  This application method is the simplest, easiest way to introduce you to the world of aromatherapy.  You can also use a oil warmer diffuser, an aromatherapy candle or a room aromatic mist to scent the room or an area, as well as an atomizing diffuser. The diffuser vaporizes and disperses the oils using a 5-6 drops of oil mixed with water.  The heat from the electric warms the oils and disperses them into the air.
  • Massage – Relaxing essential oil blends are particularly beneficial in massage.  The essential oil blends are combined with a carrier oil or cream and are are completely absorbed into the skin in 60 to 120 minutes.  The prolonged effect of the blend action makes the effects of the massage last longer. Another way of applying the benefits of aromatherapy to the body is through an aromatic body wrap.
Aromatherapy Baths
  • Aromatherapy Baths- Everyone loves taking showers these days, but a bath with essential oils has a synergistic effect.   There is the physiological action of the oils on the nervous system and the body.  Aromatic baths are generally very safe provided that the essential oils are properly blended into the water.  The recommended dose for a full bath is 10-15 drops of essential oils.  The maximum dose is 30 drops per bath.

Because essential oils are highly concentrated, they should be handled with care.  Do not take internally and keep out of the reach of children.  Do not apply undiluted oils to the skin and always test a diluted oil (dilute with jojoba, grapeseed, or sesame oil) on your skin before using to determine allergic reactions. Citrus oils can make the skin more sensitive to light.   Persons with high blood pressure or epilepsy should use oils carefully and as always, essential oils should be used with extreme caution during pregnancy.

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