Vegan Nail Polish

Vegan Nail Polish

Do You Use Vegan Nail Polish?

No girl has ever been unhappy to hear that their best friend or boyfriend is sending them to the spa. Nothing is quite as relaxing as getting your nails done so that they will look great in your new strappy sandals. But how do you choose what color you want? Do you want one that is going to sparkle in the light or something chic and elegant? One thing you may want to consider as well is whether or not you want the esthetician to use regular or Vegan Nail Polish. But why would you wish to use anything different than what you typically use on your toes? While some people do not care what goes into and onto their bodies, they still seem to be shocked when they find out what is in their nail polish.

When you take a look at your nail polish can you even pronounce half of the ingredients in it? Do you know what makes it sparkle in the candlelight when you sit down to dinner? Would you believe me if I told you it was unicorn magic? Probably not. The fact is when you use anything but Vegan Nail Polish you will likely be shocked by what is in your nail polish. When you consider what makes nails shimmer the answer usually lies in Guanine (Fish Scales), Carmine (Boiled and Crushed Beetles) for those dark reds, and Oleic Acid (Animal Fat) is what makes it so beautiful and thick. If knowing that you spread a thick layer of fish scales and beetle bodies on your nails is not enough to get you to try a Vegan Nail Polish then we do not know what else will.

Benefits of Vegan Nail Polish

Now we are not saying we have never used a regular nail polish, we all have. But after having dry and brittle nails and getting sick of seeing our nails chipped after a day of having them done we searched for something better. We wanted something we knew we could trust to give us everything we wanted something that could be both beautiful and honest, nourishing and healthy, and do you know what we found? Nothing. Sure there were products from companies all over the interner but we certainly were not going to use something when we didn’t know what ingredients were inside it. We had to break the cycle of brittle nails and fading colors and when we thought we had lost all hope we came up with a solution. We took it upon ourselves to make the Best Vegan Nail Polish something that we could be proud of and something we felt safe using. A lot of research has gone into our products whether it be our vegan bronzing powder or face primer. We always make sure that their is no animal testing or even animals involved in our process. We make sure that our products go through strict testing and even more importantly that our friends truly enjoy our products when they try them. Essentaily after years of research we came to concensus that we had the formula for the product that we wanted to make.

We present Bella Reina Vegan Nail Laquer!

Vegan Nail PolishThe best vegan nail polish of all time. It is so special that we call it vegan nail laquer. All of the Vegan Nail Lacquers that we have in our stores are not only free of any animal products they are also 7-Free. But what does 7-Free mean? 7-Free means that our Vegan Nail Polish is free of the seven most dangerous chemical in nail polish including animal products. We keep our lacquer free of Xylene, Parabens, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde Resin, and animal products. Whether you choose to try our nail laquer at our Delray Beach Spa or order them online we hope you share your dedication to animal free products and healthy beauty products.

We hope that you will join us for a manicure or a pedicure with our Vegan Nail Polish at Bella Reina Spa or check out our links below to order some!

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