Vegan Mineral Powder

Vegan Mineral Powder
When it comes to taking care of our bodies, we always want to do what is best. Whether we are choosing the healthier options when we go out to Brunch with our friends or waking up early to go to the gym every little thing we do is important. Since we always want to do what is best for ourselves why not start with something we use almost every day? And what is that you ask? Our makeup of course! At Bella Reina, we are proud to offer you something that you may have never tried before, and that is our world-renowned Vegan Mineral Powder.

How It All Started

We all know that all makeup is not created equal, and this is especially true when it comes to our newest product. When we tried other mineral powders, we found ourselves breaking out and not feeling as good as we could. We tried some other brands, and we were still not satisfied so we decided we would make our own, and that was no easy task. We wanted to make something that was safe for, people with sensitive skin, and we especially wanted to make sure that it was vegan. After we had the formula, we decided that we wanted to ensure that our product was all-in-one so instead of a liquid foundation we decided to go with a powder. After extensive testing and testing by our estheticians and some of our best friends, we developed our Bella Reina Vegan Mineral Powder.

What Sets Us Apart

Like a lot of our other cosmetics we have maintained our 7-Free rating for our natural non-clogging formula which means our product are:

  • Bismuth Oxychloride-Free
  • Dye-Free
  • Oil-Free
  • Talc-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Fragrances-Free
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Also, we do not and never will test on animals!

When you try our Bella Reina Vegan Mineral Power, you will be transfixed by the shine of our product. You will immediately notice the lasting shine and its ability to be quickly touched up after a long day that is turning into a longer night. If you are ready for a great natural vegan product that won’t clog your pores than get ready for our Bella Reina line of products.

Vegan Mineral Powder
Plant based Mineral Powder - Vegan Makeup Products - Gluten-Free & Paraben-Free
Bella Reina
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