Vegan Face Primer

Vegan Face Primer

When you get ready for a night out on the Ave, what are you going to be wearing? Maybe you just got a manicure and pedicure from Bella Reina Spa, and you are trying to complete your look but what is your first step going to be? How are you going to keep your makeup looking flawless all night long? Our recommendation is to use a face primer to fill your pores for a smooth look, and the best option is our Vegan Face Primer. When we developed this product we wanted something that would keep our models photo ready from the beginning of the shoot till the end, and now we are bringing this product to you. Now you can have the amazing glow that you see on the covers of magazines!

The Product You Have Been Waiting For!

Our Vegan Face Primer combines our expectation-shattering formula and advanced technology to give you the best look possible. Our unique recipe is filled with antioxidants and our secret plumpers which help to lock in moisture and give you a healthy glow. If you want to have flawless skin you have to try our Vegan Face Primer.

At Bella Reina Spa we recommend that everyone try our primer because it is like a body shaper for your face. Our cruelty free product helps to smooth lines and wrinkles while smoothing your entire face leaving you with the perfect canvas to apply your makeup. With our Vegan Face Primer, you are going to have not only a longer lasting look but also a shield to prevent streaking and minimize redness and larger pores.

What Sets Us Apart?

So you may be wondering what sets us apart from the other brands? The fact is that we are a company built by estheticians for people who had the same issues with makeup as we did. Bella Reina loves to keep things natural and in most cases completely vegan. Our Vegan Face Primer is free of Parabens, and oils and is rich with Vitamin E to protect your skin from the elements.

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Vegan Face Primer
Plant based Face Primer - Vegan Makeup Products - Gluten-Free & Paraben-Free
Bella Reina
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