What is vegan? What is Cruelty-Free?

Vegan Cruelty Free Makeup
So a lot of us may know that vegetarians don’t eat meat but eat other things… but what is a Vegan? People who are vegan choose not to eat anything that contains any animal products. Many vegans also elect to lead a cruelty-free lifestyle as well including using Vegan Cruelty Free Makeup and we couldn’t be happier. When someone adapts to a cruelty-free way of life, they choose not to purchase or use products that are made from anything that would be considered to obtained cruelly. Those who live a cruelty-free lifestyle won’t for example use leather or any leather products because it is tanned cow skin. When you think about it may at first seem strange to comprehend but, in fact, it is not too difficult to understand. We understand that not everyone is going to live an entirely vegan cruelty-free diet but what we can ask is that everyone take a few steps towards one.

Choosing Vegan Cruelty Free Makeup

One of the things that everyone uses almost every day is makeup. Did you know that most makeup contains harsh chemicals as well as animal ingredients? After seeing that a lot of other companies were taking short cuts, our expert estheticians decided we needed to make a product that was better for us as well as the planet. These ideas all gave birth to Bellas Reinas Vegan Cruelty Free Makeup. If you have been looking for makeup that doesn’t only look good on you but it good for you, you are in the right place. Our Vegan Cruelty Free Makeup is free of all animal-based products and harmful chemicals. When we developed these collections, we put YOU first we heard the outcry for higher quality cosmetics that also benefited health and wellness since we are all now so careful about what we put into our body. Our experienced expert estheticians dreamt of luxurious lipsticks, and the best mascara money could buy and we did it. But best of all our line of Vegan Cruelty Free Makeup is designed to bring out your inner “Beautiful Queen” that is where we get the name, Bella Reina. We hope you will join us in helping to save animals, lead healthier lifestyles and help us save the planet.

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