Vegan Bronzing Powder

Don’t you wish that you had time to lay out on the beach to get that sun-kissed look? But who has that kind of time? Speaking of laying out are you prepared for the after effects of harmful UV rays that could lead to serious health issues in the future.Vegan Bronzing Powder

Not only are the rays harming our immune system, the sun will age you right before your eyes! (no kidding). We are in Florida and see plenty of wrinkles (see all of our facials for skin damage) caused from sun damage. So, we needed to solve the problem of the look without the “down-side of the sun”.

How to Get a Healthy Glow without the Sun

Bella Reina’s unique vegan bronzing powder gives you the appearance of sun-kissed, healthy, tan skin. {without the damage to your health or your skin}. Okay, not to get on the ‘soapbox’ but the sun can damage the immune messengers in the body.  These signal to the lymphatic system that something is wrong in your body. Any damage to the messengers, means that they will not help fight infections, germs or bacteria.

See, it’s not just about the skin look fabulous, it’s also about your health. That said, I can move on to the details of the Bella Bronzer.

Healthy Glow =  Perfect Tanned Look

When we decided that we were going to make a vegan bronzing powder we wanted to make sure that the color palette was just right. At Bella Reina, we did not want people to know that we hadn’t just left the beach or got out of the water we wanted everything to look really natural.

We already had experience in developing the best vegan foundation makeup.  Then we just used that experience to create the much-loved Bella Reina 7 Free Vegan Bronzing Powder.Summer without Skin Damage_Vegan Bronzing Powder

Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder

The first Bronzing Powder that we created was called Luxe Tan, and it is a true to style brown (tanned) bronzer. It features a stunning gold shimmer.  It perfect for those looking for a classic bronzer glow.

The key to the creation is that it had to be mineral powder that used triple milled minerals. Why you ask? Because, micronized minerals go on smoother and provide a matte finish.

Why Triple Milled Minerals?

Everyone knows that minerals lay on the skin. When cosmetics were first made with minerals, makeup used for photography hated them. Why?  The minerals reflected the light. Today, with the use of triple-milled powders, the light is not reflected and the finish is matte. The beauty of this is that they can provide sheen and a healthy glow with out looking (cheaply frosty – if you know what I mean).

Vegan, Talc-Free, Fragrance-Free, Dye-Free

Also, our bronzing powder had to be made without animal byproducts.

  • Yes, it had to be vegan. (Animal products used in makeup is totally not necessary)
  • Other requirements included talc-free so that it does not cause blackheads or whiteheads.
  • Fragrance-Free was a requirement, as many people are highly allergic to fragrances of any kind. The other trick when making a powder fragrance-free (this is a little known fact) is that most cheap mineral powders use fragrance to cover the “rubber smell”.  Yes, cheap mineral powders smell like rubber, so they use fragrance to cover this smell.
  • Dye-Free was another super “must” because the dyes can cause reactions in the skin leading to breakouts. So, we had to create the color without the use of dyes of any kind.

Spa Clients Told Us How They LOVED the Vegan Bronzing Powder

When our clients started telling us they loved our products, but they wanted one that was a little rosier. This was the look of a rosy glow. This spurred us to create a second vegan bronzing powder called Nice Tan. Both colors can actually be used a blush or a bronzer. The other plus is that they look simply marvelous on any skin tone.

When we develop a product, we want it to be nothing short of perfect. We always ensure that our Bella Reina products perform exactly what our friends and clients expect.

It must be cruelty-free, vegan, skin friendly and healthy. There is no sense in putting out a products that is not going to benefit the skin.

And you cannot go around with a Vegan Bronzing Powder that makes you skin look orange or painted.

I always think that the more natural and flawless your makeup, it brings out you-the beautiful person you are.

On top of looking amazing we had to make sure that your skin looked amazing even when you weren’t wearing it and by that, we mean it had to leave your skin healthy.

Finally, we made sure that it was free of harmful chemicals that would clog your pores and leave you feeling sick. With all that said, below is a link if you are shopping for a vegan bronzing powder. We just had to tell you all about it first!!

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Vegan Bronzing Powder
Cruelty Free - Vegan - Natural Look And Feel
Bella Reina
Manufactured by: Bella Reina