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Where to buy Environ Skin Care

Where to Buy Environ Skin Care

Bella Reina Spa has been an approved Environ Stockist since 2002 and a trusted source for all information on how to use and where to buy Environ Skin Care. Bella Reina Spa’s Skin Experts can help you with any questions you may have regarding Environ.  PLEASE READ: It’s important to know where to buy Environ […]

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What Are Ceramides? A Complete Guide

  Ceramides haven’t gotten the attention that they deserve. Few people actually know what ceramides are! Maybe you’ve come across the word in the ingredients label on your serum or moisturizer. This mysterious ingredient, however, is extremely beneficial for the skin, and it will give you a fabulous glow! What Are Ceramides? Ceramides are lipids […]

Customized Skin Care [2017 Facial Trend] Breakthrough

Customized Skin Care Breakthrough

Look to 2017 to awaken every skin cell with Customized Skin Care, the new breakthrough Facial Trend. What happens in the treatment room used to be a mystery between you and your esthetician. Today with so many advanced treatments and products, it’s important that you understand your skin and your body. And everyone is different. […]