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The main benefit of a body spa treatment is exfoliation and detoxifying.

Nail Spa for Hand and Foot Wellness

Our spa wellness manicure and pedicure services are designed to relax and soothe with a 12-herbal aromatherapy warm neck pillow. Skin exfoliation and a hydrating massage are extended to the knees for pedicures. Nails are polished to perfection with our luxury nail care services.
For all nail services except the CND Shellac, we only use Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer. This polish is vegannon-toxic, high performance and dries in 5 minutes. This polish strengthens natural nails, is high gloss and non-yellowing.
Only at Bella Reina Spa – a chic boutique nail spa with sanitized, hygienic autoclaved instruments and hospital grade sanitation. Plus relax in beautiful pedicure chairs that have ozone generator medically sterilized pedicure stainless steel stations. In addition, all nail files are replaceable on stainless steel wands.
Looking for a nail salon or nail spa near you can be overwhelming. That is why at Bella Reina Spa, we only adhere to the highest standards for sanitation, nail products and relaxation. An autoclave is used for all of our instruments so that you are 100% protected.


60 Minutes - $82

Experience the powerful healing benefits of green tea, lemongrass, and oxygen. Soak in rich antioxidants blended with argan oil, Vitamin E, Arnica flower, and Spearmint, that boost your skin’s immunity, detoxifies the feet and legs, and promote overall health. Rebuild damaged cells while the green tea mud draws moisture to relax the entire body. Build healthier skin with the intensive moisturizing green tea and lemongrass that promotes anti-aging and younger, healthier feet and legs. Includes a sea salt soak, sugar scrub, moisture mask, and massage cream.

60 Minutes - $99

The Supreme Pink Remedy for seriously needy feet. This powerful pink grapefruit energizing anti-aging treatment will leave your skin and feet in silky, soft luxury. Not only is the natural beta-hydroxy acid used to exfoliate, but at Bella Reina, a secret 30% Lactic acid is added for more vibrant skin and super soft feet.  Vitamins A, D E, and antioxidants help to fortify the feet after the callouses have been softened and nails shaped with precision. Enjoy a pink energizing moisture mask with extra massage and keratin for only the best in pedicures.

60 Minutes - $82

The ultimate Medi meets Pedi™pedicure for the softest, anti-callous pedicure that utilizes 30% lactic acid to dissolve the tough dry skin from the feet with Gehwol products. Combined with the regular spa pedicure, the Ozone Lactic Acid puts oxygen into the water, while the lactic acid helps to eliminate dry rough callouses and cracked heels. To learn more about the health of your feet and the causes, treatment, and prevention of cracked heels, click here.

60 Minutes - $82

Lavender relieves stress and anxiety for a healing, relaxing Bella Reina Spa oasis experience. The addition of mint adds anti-inflammatory properties to soothe skin.  This deluxe, lavender clean beauty pedicure is made with vegan, organic ingredients, and natural extracts. With 4 steps: sea salt soak, sugar exfoliation scrub, creamy mud mask, and massage, your pedicure is perfect for stress relief. Defy age with this 4-step pedicure designed to moisturize and renew your legs and feet.

60 Minutes - $99

Embarrassed to show those toes or heels? We know how you feel and we have the answer with the Gehwol and Footlogix Medicure Pedicure. Designed for podiatrists, we are Gehwol and Footlogix trained to help your feet with an effective, all-natural remedy for fungus or cracked heels. By combining regular treatments with Footlogix homecare, you will eliminate embarrassing fungus and cracked heels. It is necessary that you have your own polish kit (base coat, top coat & polish).

55 Minutes - $62

A Dazzle Dry Perfect Pedicure is not your ordinary spa pedicure, because oxygen technology is used to increase blood flow and circulation to the legs. Oxygen Spa Pedicures and provide healing water that invigorates fatigued muscles, eliminates bacteria, and acts as a powerful detoxifier for the body. Oxygen is healing and allows botanical herbs, essential oils, and ozone to penetrate deeper into the legs and feet by increasing blood flow and circulation. Oxygen is a known purifier and detoxifier shielding clients from bacteria and known pathogens. Ozone technology is “mother nature’s” invention and has been in practical use since 1893. The smell, evident at the seashore, waterfalls, rainforests, and after thunderstorms, reflects the presence of ozone.

40 Minutes - $36

A wellness Dazzle Dry manicure is all about the health of the natural nail. The polish “air dries” in five minutes with a gorgeous shine and finish. While the polish is vegan, it provides healing for split, peeling nails. Nails are shaped, cuticles are gently pushed back with only the excess trimmed. A soothing pressure point hand massage properly prepares the nail bed for the flex technology polish by Dazzle Dry. This manicure is safe for pregnant women, cancer survivors or anyone with a compromised immune system.

To learn more about how to get healthy nails, click here.


Nail problems like dry, peeling, weak, or damaged nails are very commonplace today. With the use of artificial acrylics, unhealthy gel polish, or even nutrition the nails fall victim to hand washing, loss of elasticity, and drier, peeling nails. This manicure is intended to start your nails, cuticles, and hands-on their way to health. The specialty products from the Netherlands provide a 3-step process in helping the cuticles and the nail heal. Repair and strengthen your nails.


Infused gloves with peppermint and phyto collagen plumps and moisturizes the hands. Vegan, cruelty-free, with natural extracts, make this treatment manicure a must for younger-looking hands. Deeply moisturizing for cuticles and nails, collagen and Vitamin E form a micro-thin barrier on the skin that also provides UV protection.  Unique is that the tips are removed during the manicure so that the benefits are lasting.

45 Minutes with removal of Shellac - $45

60 Minutes with removal of Shellac - $55

Removal of Gel Polishes that are Not Shellac - $25

When you are looking for a gel polish that doesn’t harm the nail, look to CND Shellac. The polish is the least harmful to the nails with 90% polish and 10% gel. Although it is the least harmful, it is still recommended that you remove after three months to re-hydrate the nail. Say good-bye to chips, smudges, and dry time. This revolutionary product applies like polish, wears flawlessly for 14 days of high gloss shine, and is removed in minutes. The colors are hypo-allergenic, and “Free of Chemicals” – no formaldehyde, no toluene and no DBP.


Our nail spa secret! Slip your hand into our special keratin gloves loaded with intensely hydrating and healing emulsion to strengthen nails, soften cuticles, and UV protect your hands. The keratin fibrous protein helps prevent nail breakage while the vitamins reduce moisture loss and powerfully hydrate the hands.

Looking for a nail spa near you that has pedicure spa chairs is only one aspect of getting a spa manicure or spa pedicure. At Bella Reina Spa, not only are we strict about sterilization and sanitation, but we take extra pride in knowing that the cuticles are done properly, the nails are filed correctly and the nail polish will not harm your nails. Our pedicure chairs use stainless tubs with ozone generators to infuse oxygen into the water. When you have a choice to have your nails done anywhere, we offer a chic boutique nail bar with professionally trained nail technicians that specialize in natural nails and Shellac manicures. Additionally, if you are looking for a nail spa open on Sundays, we have availability, as we are open 7 days a week.