Skin Script Ageless Moisturizer


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“This is a fantastic moisturizer. Very light. And it has really improved my fine lines and wrinkles.”-Lexi G. VIP client

If you like a creamy lightweight moisturizer,  Skin Script Ageless Moisturizer is the one for you.  A 2018 ASCP People’s Choice Award winner.  You’ll love your firm skin!




Skin Script Ageless Moisturizer restores moisture by penetrating deep into your skin.

It has a unique formula.  Aloe soothes, hydrates and diminishes irritation.

Your face looks and feels super-soft because of the amazing ingredients.

And it’s creamy but lightweight.  Never feels heavy on your face.

It’s gentle and healing.  And assists in protecting the skin from environmental damage.

Soothing and calming.

It’s anti-aging.  Dryness lines and wrinkles  “plump up”.

In addition, this moisturizer is the recipient of a ASCP Skin Deep People’s Choice Award in 2018.


Tips & Benefits:

Suitable for normal, combination and sensitive skin.

And it’s gentle, so Skin Script Ageless Moisturizer is also effective for aging sensitive  skin.

Because it  penetrates deep into the skin, it soothes and and calms irritation.

Your face looks soft and luminous. Fine lines and wrinkles are softened. You’ll love looking more youthful!

And symptoms of redness  are reduced.

The skin looks firmer, healthier and hydrated.

Therefore the skin looks clear and radiant.

And moisture stays locked in all day long.

After cleansing and toning, moisturize your  face, neck and decollete areas.

Our SPA estheticians recommend using this product both morning and evening for maximum results.







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