Bella Reina Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend (.35oz)


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Product Description


A Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blend  providing an atmosphere of peace and relaxation.
Formulated with Calming and comforting oils like Lavender, Mandarin, Marjoram, Sandalwood and Palo Santo.
All of our Essential Oils are high quality, organic, and therapeutic grade.

Ingredient Benefits:

Lavender Essential Oil – Sedative, calms nervous anxiety; calms the heart and soothes a restless, hyperactive state. Helps to counteract anxiety, irritability, nightmares, restlessness.
Mandarin Essential Oil and Petitgrain Essential Oil – Sweet and loving; ideal for children’s restlessness, anxiety and lack of sleep.
Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil – Its clean and uplifting aroma will sharpen the senses.
Palo Santo Essential Oil – It invokes a feeling of sacredness as in entering a temple; quiets the mind from mundane thoughts; and has a purifying effect on the mind.

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