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Delray Beach Massage Therapy - Ready to restore balance, relieve pain and have a luxurious massage?

Massage Therapy

Classic Massage Treatments

$100/$150 Maintenance Monthly Treatments

  • Choose from 2 types of massages
    (see options below)
Body Treatments

Signature Only at Bella

$125 Massage & Body Treatments
a la Bella Reina

  • Choose from 4 types of massages
    (see options below)
Massage Image

Advanced Massage Treatments

$150 Head to Toe Care for the Body

  • Choose from 3 types of massages
    (see options below)

CLASSIC Massages

Custom Swedish (60 or 90 mins)

Release muscular tension, smooth away stress and encourage the body’s natural healing with our highly acclaimed Swedish massage. Enjoy medium to light pressure, and super fabulous extras while reducing aches and stress. Deep tissue, aromatherapy, and a back scrub can be added to your customized massage experience.

Pregnancy (60 Minutes)

Gentle massage techniques release back pain, reduce water retention, and increase circulation in the legs. Extremely beneficial for both the mother and the baby with bolsters and pillows for comfort.

Massage Therapy


Body Treatments

Zen Bella Butter Massage (60 Minutes)

This magical elixir massage combines 8 rich oils for the world's best hydration massage. Aloe Vera, along with hundreds of vitamins, minerals, aminos, peptides, and nutrients are perfectly balanced for a "skin repair" massage. Your skin will feel like butter!

Lime Sugar Body Scrub (60 Minutes)

Macadamia creme with cane sugar exfoliates, cleanses and softens from tip to toe. Heavenly scented treatment stimulates new cell growth and reduces stress.

CBD Pain Relief Massage (60 Minutes)

The benefits of CBD-rich Hemp are endless. When combined with massage, the difference is felt immediately and especially with your overall well-being. An array of botanical ingredients in this special 300 mg cream are mixed with menthol and camphor to ease sore muscles and help promote healing.

French Slimming Infrared Detox Wrap (60 Minutes)

Cellulite is dramatically reduced and the body is detoxified while inches come off on the waist, hips, thighs, and arms. Four French specialty creams dynamically work within the body to help to break down fat cells and toxins with a specialized Jade and Tourmaline Infrared Blanket. Seven times more powerful than steam saunas, infrared effectively breaks down water molecules that accumulate and store unwanted toxins and chemicals in our body. You will feel recharged and rejuvenated. Packages available.

DELUXE Massage

Copper Stone Massage (60 Minutes)

Copper is a wonderful healing power that has been used for over 4000 years. Healing qualities include easing pain, relieving muscle tension, reducing inflammation and increasing circulation. The heat combined with the copper allows the therapist to work in the soft tissue layers where the trouble often starts. Smooth heated copper stones are strategically placed to ease tension and bring about a whole-body relaxation.

Fassage (Massage + Facial) (60 Minutes)

Fassage creates the ultimate spa getaway. This delightful massage and facial treatment focuses on the back-neck areas during the massage portion. It is followed by the ultimate luxurious facial with cleansing, detoxifying, and hydration. Truly an escape.

Body Peel Facial Massage (60 Minutes)

A true facial for the body, this full-body peel and massage makes your skin silky and hydrated. This Bella Exclusive Body Peel is not a sugar or salt scrub. It is a body peel that completely removes layers of dead skin for a true resurfacing! It is followed by a super high concentrated blend of vitamins and antioxidants that is completed with an extravagant custom massage.

Massage Image

MASSAGE Upgrades


More Massage, More Relaxation.

White Upgrade

White Upgrades


  • Aromatherapy (Lavender, Eucalyptus, or Stress Relief)
  • Head and Scalp Massage
  • Collagen Eye Mask
Silver Upgrade

Silver Upgrades


  • CBD Cream with Massage
  • Therapeutic Deep Tissue
  • Sugar Black Scrub
  • Celluma Infrared LED
    Pain Relief Therapy
Pink Upgrade

Pink Upgrades


  • Silky Skin Vitamin A & Derma Lac Skin Treatment
  • Trigger Point Foot Massage (20 Minutes)
  • Detoxifying Infrared Blanket (20 Minutes)

Top Massage in Delray Beach

When you have a lot of choices for massage therapists, the question is always what’s different between them so I can choose? It always comes down to the therapist’s training and abilities.

Whatever aches or pains you have won’t stay for long. Whether it’s physical or mental stress relief pain, all of it eases when you visit us at Bella Reina Spa located in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Experienced Massage Therapists

Bella massage therapists, experts from all over the world, apply our specialty treatments with a rhythmic and relaxing touch. And the price includes upgrades other spas would charge extra for.

Rest assured, ours are some of the best in the industry. They focus on every knotted muscle and aching joint, while also realizing that a massage not only helps the body but also eases the mind.

Having a specialty treatment will have you experiencing tranquility: relaxation, rejuvenation, and relief from stress. Come experience legendary massage therapy with clients booking on a weekly or monthly basis. Only at Bella Reina.

Bella Reina Spa Therapists are trained to evaluate each guest and customize your massage treatment with the pressure you like (deep tissue), and all the extras (aromatherapy, back scrubs).

  • Therapeutic warm 12-Herb Aromatherapy Satin Neck Pillows
  • Cold/hot organic lavender eye pillows
  • Organic Massage Cream with Arnica & Vitamin E

Only at Bella Reina do you receive 60 Minute Stress-Relieving Massage treatments in a luxury boutique spa with hot steamy towels and aromatherapy pillows.

Why 60 and not 50? Because massaging the best way requires 60 minutes!