Lavender Essential Oil Uses

lavender essential oil uses

Organic Lavender Essential Oil uses are as many as the number of species that the plant comes in (39). So, I thought, since there are 39 different species (varieties) of lavender, we will give you 39 powerful lavender essential oil uses. One of the most popular and potent oils on earth, Lavender oil dates back to biblical days, the ancient Greeks and  also the Romans. The Greeks called the herb, “nard” and it was used in cooking.  First, before we get to uses, a little about lavender and quality.

39 lavender essential oil uses

Now for quality and purity:
Lavender (Lavandula Vera) is widely produced across Europe, Africa, and Asia. The flowers are used for distillation and extraction for essential oils. The therapeutic benefits of lavender oil are directly related to where the plant is grown, cultivated and processed.  In addition, the actual processing will make a difference in the quality and purity of the oil. The Bella Reina “pure aromatherapy” Organic Lavender Essential Oil is from Bulgaria, which is considered to be the highest grade and quality of lavender in the world. The climate and soil in Bulgaria creates the ideal location for the plant. Keep this lavender essential oil uses and it’s health benefits guide for future consultation.

But here’s the kicker:

For Lavender oil to be sensational and work, it must be in its purest, therapeutic form, like the Bella Reina Organic Lavender Essential Oil. This concentration is why only a few drops go a long way. This is also, why it works.

Lavender should be the number 1 oil in your aromatherapy kit, especially therapeutic, pure lavender essential oil. The benefits of lavender oil and the countless number of ways to use it make it versatile and great for aromatherapy beginners.

Want to know more?

“Where do I start with Lavender essential oil and how should I use it”?

39 Sensational Lavender Essential Oil Uses

      1. Acne – Lavender can work wonders for acne, but it takes time. The antiseptic nature of lavender makes a wonderful hot compress for acne. Mix 5 drops with 1-2 teaspoons of organic jojoba oil and apply the compress like a mask. Spot treat cysts with a cotton swab of lavender.
      2. Allergies – One of the best lavender essential oil uses is for allergies. The oil can be used topically putting a drop on the cheeks, forehead and sinus area. It can also be put in a diffuser for inhalation. Lavender’s antihistamine effect will calm the inflamed sinuses for ongoing relief.
      3. Anxiety – Put a few drops on a tissue and pop under the sleeve of your sweater or blouse to relieve anxiety. I have friends who hate driving and will sprinkle drops of lavender on their car mats. The benefits of lavender essential oil are well-known as a relaxer, especially in a diffuser.
      4. Arthritis – Great for reducing inflammation, use a couple of drops on a hot compress and apply to the area. It can also be added to the bath water for reducing symptoms.
      5. Bruises – The minute you get a bruise, take a cold compress sprinkled with a couple of drops of lavender and apply to the area. Keep the cold compress on for 20 minutes and then off. Keep reapplying to reduce the inflammation.
      6. Bug Repellent – I am extremely allergic to bug bites and find that the smell of lavender helps to keep them away. Drops can be applied directly to the skin and a spray can be created with lavender and jojoba oil that works to keep the critters from biting. Once bit, lavender works to keep the irritation and inflammation down.
      7. Burns – The father of modern aromatherapy, Rene Gattefosse, learned first hand the lavender essential oil uses when he burned his hand. The burn healed after applying lavender and he went on the publish a book in the early 1900’s on the benefits of lavender oil.Thanks to the father of aromatherapy, lavender became popular in the early 1900’s for burns. Because lavender is antibacterial, antiviral, and skin regenerative, lavender applied directly to the burn helps with infection and healing.
      8. Cellulite – The dreaded “orange peel” caused by hormonal changes and poor digestion can be helped with a warm bath with a few drops of lavender oil. In addition cypress and lemon oil can also assist with the breakdown of cellulite.
      9. Colds and Flu – One of the best lavender essential oil uses is an immune booster for preventing colds and flu. A couple of drops applied to hands makes it a great hand sanitizer.
      10. Coughing – Lavender is a calming oil, so when it comes to anything respiratory, it will help. A couple of drops to the chest area and on each side of the nose will help calm the urge to cough.
      11. Cystitis – Add 3 drops to a warm bath and sit in tub for a sitz bath.
      12. Depression – Studies have shown that one of the best uses of lavender oil is for depression. It seems to work to balance the nervous system and can be used topically or in a diffuser.
      13. Dermatitis – An acute sensitivity to something you may have touched will create skin that gets itchy, red, and sometimes white little bumps. Dermatitis can be calmed by adding drops to jojoba oil or grapeseed oil and applying to the area.
      14. Digestion – The National Institute of Health cites that lavender oil is good for digestion, loss of appetite and even nausea.
      15. Dry Eyes – A couple of drops of lavender in a glass of water can provide relief for the eyes when applied with a washcloth.
      16. Earaches – Put a couple of drops on a cotton ball and place in ear overnight. Never put essential oils directly in the ear.
      17. Eczema – Many common skin conditions like ringworm, dermatitis, and eczema will all benefit from the application of lavender. Mixed with a carrier oil like jojoba, lavender can provide relief from itching and the dryness.
      18. Headaches – Known for helping to relieve headaches, take a drop mixed with jojoba oil and massage into temples and at the base of the neck. At Bella, we created a Headache Blend with the number one ingredient being Organic Lavender.
      19. Inflammation – Not to get into chemical makeup, but the molecule makeup of lavender lends the therapeutic distilled oil as a wonderful anti-inflammatory oil. On a cold compress or mixed with jojoba lavender helps to reduce inflammation.
      20. Insomnia – Many with insomnia put lavender on their pillows to help with their sleep. Considered a gentle sleep narcotic, lavender baths, massages and tea can all help with insomnia.
      21. Itching – One of the best lavender essential oil uses is as a spray for itching or by simply applying a few drops to the itchy area. I actually like using it as a spray for my very allergic dog.
      22. Joint Inflammation – Inflammation for any reason can be calmed by this wonderful oil, but joint inflammation is especially reduced. Apply to elbows, knees or hips in a compress or a carrier oil for relief.
      23. Menopause – Lavender and menopause go together in bath water, herbal tea or for applying when you have one of those hormonal headaches.
      24. Oily Skin –  Oil helps to reduce oil….no kidding. You think that oil would make it oilier, but oil can actually dissolve oil. In the skin care treatment room, we often use jojoba and lavender oil for oily and acneic skins.
      25. PMS – A natural mood changer and pain reliever, lavender on the back, abdomen or back of neck will enhance your mood and symptoms of PMS.
      26. Rash Create a spray with lavender oil and spritz onto rash every 3-4 hours. The benefits of lavender oil make the spray bottle a handy first aid kit.
      27. Ringworm – Put a few drops onto the ringworm infection. Apply daily morning and night.
      28. Skin Fungal Infections –  A couple of  drops to your bath helps to relieve fungal infections.
      29. Skin Healing – The chemical makeup of lavender oil makes it a natural skin healer for scars and wounds. It helps to regenerate skin cells and studies are being conducted on the benefits of the oil with wound care.
      30. Skin Irritations – Burns and minor skin irritations respond well to the application of the oil as it soothes irritations, minor scrapes and burns. You will not want to apply to open wounds as it will burn.
      31. Sleep – Lavender works amazingly well to relax and help induce sleep. Other lavender essential oil uses for sleep include inhalation and using a diffuser for the bedroom. Because lavender has such amazing abilities to improve sleep, it is sometimes imitated. Note that only a therapeutic essential oil will work for sleep.
      32. Stings & Bites – Nothing relieves a wasp or bee sting like lavender oil. From my own experience with jellyfish stings and portuguese man-of-war, lavender oil will take the “bite” out of the sting and helps with the inflammation. A cold compress with the oil on it, plus a oil applied will all help relieve the sting.
      33. Stress and Tension – One of the top lavender essential oil uses is for tension and stress. At Bella Reina Spa, the #1 asked for oils with an aromatherapy massage is lavender. Why? The aroma of lavender is calming. When it is inhaled, it actually can increase brain activity and reduce anxiety. Many studies have been conducted with stress and lavender as it impacts the nervous system to not only remove anxiety, but increases mental acuity.
      34. Sunburn – Mix lavender oil in a spray for relief of sunburns. Mixing a few drops with aloe vera gel also works well to reduce the heat and burning.
      35. Swelling – Reduction of swelling especially of legs, and feet is one of the best lavender essential oil uses as it works! At home, take a plastic pedicure tub and will with warm water and a couple of drops of lavender. Put feet and ankles in for 10 minutes. Then put your feet up higher than your heart.
      36. Vaginitis – Just like cystitis, lavender works well for inflammations. Add a couple of drops to your bath.
      37. Varicose Veins – Massage your legs daily from the feet up. The lymph needs to work towards the heart at all times. Then put your feet up for maximum effect.
      38. Wounds – It will speed up the healing time for wounds.
      39. Wrinkles – Lavender oil  is skin regenerating. Use a couple of drops in your skin care moisturizers or in a carrier oil like argan or jojoba.

This list is just a sample of the benefits of lavender essential oil uses. There are many other benefits associate with this amazing oil.

Just a “purplish” infographic for 39 Lavender Essential Oil Uses. Each will have a specific way to use, like inhalation, bath, diffuser, on a cotton ball, or even as a facial mask. There are so many benefit from lavender essential oil uses, Enjoy and if you like it, Share it!

lavender essential oil uses

There you have 39 Lavender Essential Oil Uses. Realize that you should use personal judgement when using essential oils for your health, as the FDA has not approved lavender oil specifically for each use