Happiness in a Box – Spa Day Edition


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8-piece Limited Edition Spa Day Gift Box.

With all the hustle everyday life brings, it’s easy to overlook the beauty found in the simple pleasures of a spa day. What’s all this hustle for if we don’t allow ourselves time to appreciate and celebrate the little things? Life has taught us the time we take to stop and absorb the beauty found in moments like a spa shower or a spa day can often be the much-needed inspiration a friend can need or a mother or even you! Cheers to our 2022 Happiness in a Box – Spa Day Edition.

Spa Day Edition. We’ve curated this Happiness in a Box with you in mind to give the gift of self-care. (And it’s so fabulous, you will want to buy one for yourself!) One of the best experiences you can ever have is a spa day. So creating it at home will be delightful. 

8-piece Box includes:

Pink Sherpa Spa Headband: A plush, sherpa pink headband, that’s as cute as practical! Use this headband while you do your skincare routine. Perfect accessory while getting ready for your next event, and on a daily basis!

Colorful Floral Sinuata & White Sage: White sage is the perfect way to start your spa day with smudging to clear away the negative energy. Use the sage in a counter-clockwise motion to pass the smoke around the body. Be sure to say your intention out loud.

Loofah Soap: Gentle and moisturizing glycerin soap combined with a natural loofah provides exfoliation for rough dry areas and cleansing for the whole body. Comes in a black mesh bag which is perfect for travel or hanging in the shower.

Dr. Grandel Hyluron “Filler” Ampoule: For that fresh-faced, youthful look, load up on this pure, active ‘wrinkle-filling effect’ ampoule that visibly plumps the skin from within and gives an instantly smoother appearance.

Gold Eye Massager  – This specially designed 3D Roller can be used cold (our fav) to help penetrate the ampoule. It’s perfect around the eye area to help depuff and soothe this delicate skin.

Bella Power Glow Mask: A must-have beauty staple, this full-face peptide cell sheet mask leaves your skin flawless in just 15 minutes. It boosts collagen, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and hydrates the skin for a youthful glow.

French Lavender Restful Eye Pillow: Relax, renew and melt into dreamland. This silky satin French lavender eye pillow calms and soothes the body and mind through the power of aromatherapy.

Organic Lip Shimmer – Be ready for lips to glow from your delightful day with this sheer Bella crowd favorite. With vitamins and a hint of mint, it’s a wonderful reminder of a fabulous spa day.

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