How To Get Perfect EyeBrows

Tips for perfect eyebrows at Bella Reina Spa

We get asked at the spa many times to create perfect eyebrows, that sometimes are just impossible.You can’t make thick eyebrows out of thin ones, but you can create the illusion of thicker brows.

  • You can’t make high arched brows when yours go straight across, but you can create the illusion of an arch.
  • You can’t match your eyebrows perfectly because you have a weak side), but you can create the illusion that the eyebrows match.  A favorite saying of mine is that “Eyebrows are sisters, not identical twins”.
  • Shaping for perfect eyebrows is the best way to balance your features and the best eyebrow will give a finished look to any natural or dramatic makeup application.

Tips for How To Get Perfect Eyebrows or Basically the “Best Eyebrows in Any Town”

  1. Determine your eyebrow shape
  2. Gently cleanse the brow area with makeup remover.
  3. Hold a (eye or lip) pencil  straight up parallel to measure from the nose to the inside of the brow. (Wax or pluck any hair in the middle of the mark)
  4. Hold the pencil to the side of your nose to the outer most part of your eye and mark.  (Wax or pluck hair to the right of the mark) This is the most important measurement. Determine the highest point of your arch, by holding the pencil on the outer part of the nose to the outside corner of the pupil. Mark.  Raise the brow gradually by plucking, waxing or threading.
  5. This tip is very important for creating the best eyebrows.  To trim the brows, brush the hair down (never trim the brow from the top as you can create holes in the brow).
  6. Use blunt nose scissors to trim the hair that extends beyond the natural shape.  Don’t cut too much as you need the hair for the perfect eyebrow shape.
  7. Use the Brow Tint Mascara to start lifting and training the brows into the perfect shape.  Use the wand to lift the brow.  The tint automatically gives the brow color.
  8. The shape is defined by the wand.  The added benefit is that the brows are conditioned, trained and tinted all in one product.  The illusion of color also creates a fuller brow.  You will be amazed what the perfectly color of brows does for the face.

At our Spa

This is a tip and trick that we use in the spa to create dramatic eyebrows.  Take the Nancy Reagan Concealer Foundation Pen and lightly tap color under and on the brow bone.  Blend in well.  This is especially beautiful for natural looking makeup looks, as perfect eyebrows become the showcase of the face.

The brows should be trained and defined on a daily basis. This daily conditioning adds Biotin and vitamins, creating fuller, healthier brows.  Every 3 to 6 weeks, trim, shape and wax the eyebrows.