Five Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

Perfect Eyebrows at Bella Reina Spa

The eyebrows are the windows to the soul and the frame for the eyes. Frame the eye properly with the right color and shape. Most people think eyebrows should match, but unless you are perfectly proportioned; eyebrows will never match.

Why do your left and right eyebrows not match perfectly?

Back to nature we go – When the embryo first splits, the genes are determining whether you are left brained or right brained.  This also determines whether your left side is strong or your right side.  Look at your eyebrows and which has the better arch?  Which has the better definition?  Which one is almost droopy?  There you have it….and how do you match them?  By using makeup and shaping them to match.

Five Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

  1. Create a line from the corner of the nose to the inner corner of the eye and this is where the brow begins.  It arches over the outer edge of the iris and ends on the outer corner of the eye.  Pluck, wax, or thread so that the shape and arch matches your eye.
  2. Don’t make your eyebrows too thin.  Once you have waxed or tweezed to ultra thin…you may never get back those gorgeous thick, luscious brows.
  3. Select a brush or the brow tint mascara and apply brow color at the top of the brow line.  We actually prefer the brow tint mascara or brow mousse over a pencil as it looks very natural and the color stays all day.
  4. Use brow mousse or a clear brow gel to train brows to lift up.
  5. Make sure the brow color is right for you.  Too dark makes you look angry and too light makes you look like something is missing.

Perfect eyebrows are a must for daily makeup.  It is a 2 second application to make sure they are perfect and it never hurts to get them shaped by a professional and then all you have is upkeep during the month.