Dr. Grandel Timeless Body Cream


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“So richly moisturizing-I truly love it.  Pure heaven!  And my skin looks firmer and  feels fabulous.”-Lee S. VIP client

This rich body cream is a gem!  Luxurious skin care all over and a radiant shimmer from fine gold pigments. Your skin looks youthfully firm.






Dr. Grandel Timeless Body Cream gives velvety results to your skin–all over. You’ll feel pampered!

It smoothes and rejuvenates.  And it’s richly moisturizing.

With a special combination of active ingredients, this luxuriant body cream firms and tones the skin.

And it hydrates  and balances the skin. So your skin looks soft, smooth and silky.

The fibers of the skin are strengthened. And elasticity and firmness improve–the skin looks more youthful, firm and moisturized.

And you’ll love the fine gold pigments in Dr. Grandel Timeless Body Cream.  These light refracting pigments flatter the skin.

So your skin has a soft golden glow. It’s amazing!

Tips & Benefits

Your skin  looks oh so soft!  And it feels velvety.

Dr. Grandel Timeless Body Cream promotes youthfully firm, toned skin. So this cream actually works against the signs of aging.

Fine gold pigments give your skin a fabulous delicate shimmer. The skin looks radiant and smooth.

You’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

SPA estheticians recommend using this body cream as a “follow up” to Dr. Grandel Sugar Scrub for the ultimate in luxurious body skincare.

Enjoy your golden glow.  And indulge in the ultimate  skin care experience. You  owe it to yourself!






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