Eyebrow Waxing vs. Eyebrow Threading, Things You Must Consider

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eyebrow threading

Are you trying to decide between eyebrow threading or eyebrow waxing? Eyebrow threading uses 100% cotton thread to remove unwanted hairs, a method originating in Asia. It’s difficult to determine where eyebrow waxing originated but it’s typically considered more of a Western than an Eastern method of removing hair. Let’s look at two popular methods for removing unwanted eyebrow hairs. … Read More

Nancy Reagan Shares Her Skincare Coach {Top 3 Secrets}

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skincare coach facial workshop

In 2012, Nancy Reagan, Skincare Coach, was profiled by the New York Times (online and in print) for this unique service. It was truly a complete surprise, and resulted from an interview coordinated by HARO (Help a Reporter Out). Here’s what writer Alix Strauss had to say after her interview with Skincare Coach Nancy: FOR the last two years, Marlena … Read More

It’s Genius! Biodroga Improves Skin Softness and Radiance.

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Biodroga Facial

Welcome Biodroga Skin Care to Bella Reina Spa! It’s with amazing results and rigorous testing that our team of estheticians have approved this new skin care line. Testing began in August, 2016 for the skin care line to become a mainstay at Bella Reina Spa. Assisted by Jennifer Bley, master trainer and lead esthetician in the USA, the Biodroga Grande … Read More

Leslie Horenburger, Wins Random Acts of Kindness AARP Contest

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AARP Random Acts of Kindness

Congratulations goes out to Leslie Horenburger, our client who won the AARP Random Acts of Kindness Contest. Leslie , a client for over ten years, won the contest from over 350 entries. Each year Leslie takes her sister on a vacation to thank her for taking care of her parents. It’s Leslie’s way of thanking her sister. Pictured below are Leslie … Read More

Make Your Skin HAPPY with Ceramides [6 Ways to a GLOW]

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Make Your Skin Happy with Ceramides

Want to make your skin so happy it glows in 6 ways? Then let me introduce you to ceramides. Yes, this ingredient has been around for awhile, but no one realized that the large molecule could absorb into the skin. You have probably heard of peptides, stem cells and retinols in skin care. But have you heard of Ceramides? Probably … Read More

Customized Skin Care [2017 Facial Trend] Breakthrough

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Look to 2017 to awaken every skin cell with Customized Skin Care, the new breakthrough Facial Trend. What happens in the treatment room used to be a mystery between you and your esthetician. Today with so many advanced treatments and products, it’s important that you understand your skin and your body. And everyone is different. Gone are the days of … Read More

Cheers for Healthy New Year’s Resolutions [5 Ways]

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Trying to set your healthy New Year’s Resolutions for 2017? Give us a second to see if we can provide a few insights into the goals you are setting for yourself. Most of the time the goals set are a little too lofty. So we tried to simplify it this year. And simple it is. These are “you can do … Read More

Shopping for Charity = [Playground for the Miracle League]

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This Friday, December 16th, we will have an all day Jewelry Pop-Up Shop to support the Miracle League Network of Palm Beach. The fabulous jewels are from Vianna Brasil in Boca Raton. The holidays seemed the perfect time to shop for jewelry and support the Miracle League of Palm Beach at the same time. Shopping for Charity for the Miracle … Read More

Why Dogs Love Massage {And Why It’s So Good For You}

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Ever wondered why dogs love massage? While I was giving Irma a rub to the ear, one leg starts to move happily back and forth. She then rolls over onto her back and lets me rub her belly. Do you think that sometimes dogs are smarter than humans? Do you think that dogs love massage just because? Because it feels … Read More

Why Small Business Saturday is such an Important Day! #shopsmall

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If you think Small Business Saturday is important for Bella Reina Spa (in Delray Beach, FL), you are right! This is the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it is squished between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To us, at the spa, it is one of the most important shopping days of the year. American Express debuted this holiday for all of … Read More