Help Us Win! North America’s Best Day Spa [ World Spa Award ]

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Please help us WIN a World Spa Award! Vote Bella Reina for North America’s Best Day Spa. What an honor just to be nominated. And we are in great company with famous New York and North American Spas. What’s even better is that we have you, our grass roots supporters to help us win. For starters, we are the only … Read More

{Oh Say Can You Spa} with a July 4th Declaration of Relaxation!

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Even though South Florida is warm all year long, it seems that July 4th really brings in our summer. It’s hot, humid and when the beach is not available….it’s time to spa! Make this July 4th, your very own Declaration of Relaxation. With this come some amazing specials! The Oh You Can See Glow Facial is our very own Biodroga … Read More

Fall in Love with SuperGOOP CC Cream for the Summer

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Supergoop CC Cream

See why we fell in love with SuperGOOP’s CC Cream! Seriously, very few products pass an “let’s use this daily” inspection from our whole team. The team ranges in age from 20 to sixty-something and every skin type and tone. So, when at a recent team meeting, the Supergoop CC cream was tapped as one of our 3 most popular … Read More

Thank You GR8FULLY for 8 Beauty Years with Bella Bash!

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Bella Bash - Thank you for 8 great years

With much fanfare and gratitude, Bella Reina Spa is very excited to showcase the Bella Bash for June, 2017 for all of our wonderful clients and guests. The Bella Bash marks our 8 year anniversary and for that we are very grateful (gr8ful). It has been an amazing journey not only for our clients, but also for our team. We … Read More

5 Simple Tips for 5 Minute Makeup {Stunningly Gorgeous}

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5 Simple Tips for 5 Minute Makeup

Whether you are a makeup maven or you like simple 5 minute makeup steps, we’ve all had to hurry and put makeup on in a hurry. Some of you like the simple makeup, some of you will be the glam-girls and some of you will land in the middle. These are tips for those who want to look their empowered … Read More

4 Benefits of Eyebrow Tinting That Creates Sensational WOW BROWS!

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benefits of eyebrow tinting

You may have heard of eyebrow tinting. It’s the latest trend in eyebrow care. With all of the benefits of eyebrow tinting, there’s no wonder it’s growing in popularity. The Wallstreet Journal is even calling it “beauty’s new wake-up call.” We’ve all gone through the painful process of tweezing and waxing our brows. Our makeup bags are overflowing with tools … Read More

Natural Vegan Makeup: 6 Brands You Should Know About

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natural vegan makeup

Maybe you’ve decided natural vegan makeup is better for your skin, or you want to refuse products containing animals. Regardless of your reason, there are a plethora of options to stock up on to perfect your look. These are the top six natural vegan makeup brands you should look into for all of your cosmetic needs.   Inika This Australian-owned … Read More

Benefits of Chemical Peels for Acne

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chemical peels

Are you suffering from acne? It can be both painful and may make you feel self-conscious. In most cases, a good way to help clear acne is with a chemical peel. So, what is a chemical peel? Chemical Peels Chemical peels are an acid which is spread over the skin approximately every one to two weeks. There are higher strength … Read More

Why a Microderm Facial One Of the Best All-Around Facials!

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Why a Microderm Facial is Best

Wonder why the Microderm Facial continues to be a facial winner? Back in the day (middle 1990’s), the latest in skin exfoliation was this “sandblasting machine”.  Abrasion of the skin has been around since early Egyptian days. As a result of the skin physiology research by Dr. Peter Pugliese, it helped take aesthetics and microdermabrasion to the next level. His education … Read More

Top 5 Benefits of Vegan Makeup and Mineral Makeup

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vegan makeup

Why is mineral based and vegan make-up such a big deal these days? Is animal based testing all that bad? What are the benefits of mineral makeup or vegan makeup? Let’s look into these questions together. Women have worn makeup for centuries. Some used it as body art, others as a beauty regimen, and still others to enhance their appearance. … Read More