ASAP Silver Gel Acne Treatment


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This by far the most effective product  I’ve ever used. (30+years of acne breakouts ) My acne disappeared in 3 days.  And the scars are gone, too.  -Sarah M. Vip client

This silver gel is amazing. It offers a short healing time for all types of  acne and is also excellent for treating rosacea, eczema , cuts and other skin issues.





ASAP  Silver Gel receives the highest recommendations from medical practices, skincare professionals and massages therapists for the treatment of all types of acne.

The gel is produced by American Biotech Labs, LLC., a three time recipient of the Best of State award for Medical Innovation.  And the company uses SilverSol nano-catalytic technology. This has become the new standard by which all other silver products are measured.

Because of the toxic environment we live in, acne affects both women and men at any age–it’s not just a
“teen” condition. So  adult acne is common.

And breakouts can occur anywhere on the body.  But the face, neck, back and chest are the most common areas.

This silver gel is a natural anti-inflammatory. And it is also anti-fungal.  So it works quickly against acne.

It kills bacteria. And it heals acne scars and blemishes, too. And silver has been used for healing since medieval times.

In addition, it protects against future breakouts and stops the spreading of infection.

And the gel is excellent for the treatment of rosacea, eczema, burns and wounds. It promotes natural healing.

Most importantly, your skin will  look flawless and hydrated.

Tips & Benefits

ASAP Silver Gel may be used to treat cystic, hormonal and teen acne. It is a natural, anti-bacterial topical product.

It works quickly to fight infection and assists in preventing future breakouts. The results are amazing.

Produced by a superior, award winning laboratory.

And for prevention, the gel can be used several times a day.

Use under your make makeup.

It’s affordable. And safe for all ages.

It protects and hydrates the skin.

And it calms the skin.

In addition to acne,  our estheticians use and recommend this  gel to Spa clients for rosacea, after facial extractions and to eliminate scarring.  Great results!






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