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5 Simple Tips for 5 Minute Makeup {Stunningly Gorgeous}

5 Minute Makeup

Whether you are a makeup maven or you like simple 5 minute makeup steps, we’ve all had to hurry and put makeup on in a hurry. Some of you like the simple makeup, some of you will be the glam-girls and some of you will land in the middle. These are tips for those who want to look their empowered best {#happyface} without spending hours.

That is why I put together:
5 Simple Tips for 5 Minute Makeup

#1. Mineral Foundation with Pigment Apply a mineral foundation, CC cream or mineral powder that closes matches your skin tone. Watch for oily areas or dry areas and blend well. For under-eye, use some of the foundation (if highly pigmented) and tap around the eyes. The tapping or butterfly fingers is similar to the same technique that we use in facials. Apply a concealer if needed (not in a lighter color (MYTH) and tap. If your mineral foundation has enough pigment, it will work as a concealer and a foundation.

#2. Glow Getter Highlighters that Flatter A realistic flush of the cheeks does not look like an apple. That’s why I love bronzers. They are youthful, lighter and fullproof with color. Bronzers give you a naturally blushing flush of the cheeks without appearing fake. This is also where less, is more. 5 Minute Makeup allows you the time to tap the brush before applying bronzer. Lightly brush from ear to nose on both cheeks. Shake the brush again before applying a tap to the nose and forehead.

#3. Wow Your Brows For years, brows have been a must for your makeup routine. With good reason, they open up your eye area and give your face a lift. Keep it super easy for the brows with either a brow gel mascara or waterproof eyebrow pencil. Both can make even sparse brow full and it keeps them lifted in place.

#4. Soft Liner Eyes Pick a shade of shadow that slightly brighter than your own skin tone. Apply waterproof eyeliner and mascara on the base of the lashes. Use the mascara wand and pull the mascara from the bottom to the top of the lashes to lengthen.

#5. Vegan Lip Lock A perfect lip color gives you color, but is good for you. Trusting your lips to vegan lipstick lets you choose colors that you will complement any outfit. Choosing vegan lipstick means that you will not get any of the chemicals, pesticides and dyes so prevalent on the market today.

Have super fun with your 5 minute makeup. This should be easy and don’t be afraid to change a color. Also, having great skin makes it easy for your skin to radiate through makeup (just a side note).

Start loving how you look and let me know what you think in the comments!